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Question Possible Weight Issue???

As most of you know I adopted 2 guinea girls this past sunday from a member that had rescued them. Anyhow both girls were clearly over weight as I was already informed prior to adopting them, they have been on some what of a diet, to help control the weight issue. Here is my quiestion, on Monday the 10th we weighed the 2 girls, Callie weighed in at 839 grams, and KiKi weighed in at 785 grams. On a hunch we weighed them again tonight, just to see how they are progressing, now only 3 days later, Callie still weighing in at 839 grams, but KiKi is now weighing 910 grams. I feel that is alot of weight gain in such a short time, does anybody have any suggestions, or am I just being over cautious? The reason for weighing them in grams, was to track their weight a little better. If anybody can give any advice on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it, Thanks
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How old is Kiki and could she have been housed with a boar?
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Well they are both just over a year, possibly a year old in Nov/Dec. We were thinking the same thing about the possibility of her being housed with a boar, because that is alot of weight gain in such a short time, and her tummy seems to be growing outward, so yes pregnancy may be an issue here. We re-sexed Callie last night and she definitely looks like a female, so now the ? is was she near a boar
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That's a great site for sexing pigs if you're not 100% sure. Where did these two come from, can you contact the original source and ask how they were housed?

They are not fat for a year old, but the rapid weight gain could either be pregnancy or ovarian cysts, maybe a vet check is in order for the one sow.

Also thinking it could be good nutrition, again may go back to questioning the original source that they came from. How much did they weigh when 'tree' got them? How much did the sow gain while in her care?
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Erin you have a point, I did send an email asking of the possibility of KiKi being around a boar ect. Although I'm going to have to double check their paperwork and Vet papers I got last sunday when I picked them, before I email her again asking about the weight ect.... I didn't think they were too overweight for being a year old, according to most sites I've been to, they both seem to fairly well within the wieght limit of Sows. I was just really concerned with KiKi gaining so much weight in such a little time. But I will definitely find out what I can find out and keep you all posted.
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Just to add my 2cents in- I think guinea pigs are suppose to be plump and I can't see restricting their diet at all. Maybe added excercise, a ramp in their cage to run up and down. Maybe the lady you got them from was restricting their diet so much that now that you have them in your care Kiki is just pigging out.
When I got my Cassia from a rescue(term used lightly), she was 1 year old and greyhound thin. Cassia ate like a pig and I gave her plenty- she was acting like a starving dog, although being new and less dominent she would still bump out or bite any one that came near the food in her face. Cassia gained weight so fast I hardly recognised her 2 weeks later, she looked like a guinea pig! I also thought she might be pregnant(and the others too I got from this rescue) because Cassia lived with a male. But none of the rescus were pregnant just gaining weight from lack of food before me. Guinea pigs are grazers and in my opinion they should have something to eat 24 hours a day.
I looked at their picture before and I don't think they look real fat ether. Good luck and I hope Kiki is not pregnant just indulging.
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