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Question Questions

Ok I am posting for a friend of mine she doesnt have a computer. She has a guinee pig its about 1 year old. Now this pig pees and poops all over place she wants to know if it can be litter trained?

Next question.... he wont and never never eats pellets only fresh viggies nothing else. everytime she opens the fridge and i have seen this she makes his noises asking for veggies. is this ok or how can she get him to eat pellets?

Is it ok for a guinee pig to be housed with a bunny if they get along good?
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If the pig has a particular corner that it prefers you can try using a "box" in that corner and see if it takes to it. If it doesn't use a corner, good luck.

If the pellet is a good brand of pellet without the seed and colorful bits in it, I would say cut back on the veggies and only feed veggies once a day and the rest of the day it has to eat the pellets and timothy hay (hopefully that is being provided).

I would never house a pig and a bun together as their food is not compatible for the both of them. Also, you never know when a bun might become startled or just want to play and accidently kicks the piggy a bit to hard. You could either end up with a dead piggy or severely injured piggy (I have heard or both happening). I would err on the side of safety and say no, they can not be housed together.
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Make sure your friend is using high quality food. I've known many animals that wont eat cheap food. Also, Unfortunately, my local pet store houses the pigs and bunnies together. They have had a few pigs die from it.
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Didn't we do the GP-Rabbit issue last week?

I have two GPs and one rabbit together and they have gotten along fine for months and are healthy. BUT, that was due to a rescue emergency, and I advise AGAINST housing them together if at all possible. If for no other reason it is messy and GPs are very difficult to potty train, and I am not familiar with anyone who has had total success with that.

They are waiting you out on veggies. Cut back on veggies - until they eat their mix! Same with their hay.
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OK ill pass this info onto her. I tried to say that it probably wasnt a good idea but maybe with all this she will change her mind. As for the food I beleive she buys the cheap crap, Ill try and talk her into getting something good. TY all for the info and I will pass it on today as I will be building her a NIC condo today for the Bun.
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Rabbits can transmit diseases to G-pigs. Also, rabbits have been known to knick a G-pig to death.

I have only heard of one person who has sucessfully littler box trained her pig. I have not been able to, I have four of my own, and have rescued about 5. So, sorry I could not help you with that part.

Try feeding veggies only once a day. Wait till the pig has had its fill, then remove the left over veggies and feed only pellets and hay for the rest of the day. Make sure that the veggies that the pig gets are full of nutrients. No iceberg lettuce! Plus, make sure you use one of these brands if you are in the U.S. : Oxbow, Mazuri, Km's pellets. Stay away from Kaytee or Nutraphase brands. The have a cancer causing additive in it. It is called something like: ethonyxine (sp?). Those pellets are not nutritionaly balanced anyway (despite what the bag or pet store person says).

What kinds of veggies is she giving?Here are some ideas:
Veggies: feed min. 1 Cup per day. Examples of veggies that can be given every day:

Give leaf lettuce: red, green, curly endive, romaine (no iceberg), bellpeppers, cilantro, swiss chard, grass, 1 cherry tomato a day, 1 baby carrot.

2-3 times a week: Kale, dandelion greens, broccli, mustard greens, beet tops, beets, fruit, bok choy, cucumber, radish.

You can visit GuineaLynx for a complete list of veggies and friuts.
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