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Question ?'s about Guinea Pig companions and leaks

Hi folks

I'd really appreciate anyone's opinions/suggestions about the following stuff.

I was given a pretty much unwanted male guinea pig (Bruce Lee) who has lived alone his entire 4 years. He's got a bad leg and isn't particularly aggressive but can be a little grouchy (once in a while he just feels like biting somebody) Do you think it would be smart to try and get him a companion pig after being solo for so long? Do guinea pigs mind being alone? If I should get another, should it be male, female, young, mature? If I do get one, his or her name would either be Benico del Toro or Optimus Prime.

Secondly, can anyone point me to a brand of waterbottle that doesn't leak?

Thanks so much.
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Hello and welcome!

What do you mean by a bad leg? Is he using it? He might be in pain and that's why he's biting.

Guinea pigs are herd animals and most like having a friend to live with, but not all. I would get a same sex pig, a baby if possible. Make sure your cage is big enough for two males.

All I have are leaky water bottles! I have bought them from the pet store and walmart. They all drip somewhat.
Let us know about Bruce Lee. What type is he? color?
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Thanks so much for replying.

From what I was told he was in a too small cage with too many other pigs, and a ceramic bowl was overturned onto his back right leg. I don't think he was taken to a vet at the time. Since I've received him, he has seen a vet and I was told that his bone was most likely broken at the time, and since it was essentially neglected, it healed, but not exactly correctly. She told me that she really doesn't think its causing him pain anymore. So right now, his right leg/foot juts out a little ackwardly. He uses it, and can run like a madman when he's out of his cage and feeling frisky. I really don't think his leg has anything to do with his liking to nip though.

I truly don't think Bruce Lee is a full fledged breed, but he's awesome just the same. He's left side is almost completely chesnut brown while the other half is almost completely white, but its vice versa on the fur around his face. He's short haired with uber-soft but scruffy fur. He's not exactly an affectionate pig, he gets really loud and bossy when he thinks you might be keeping food from him. But he's very curious and wants to know what I'm doing at all times. Its nice having him run around on the bedroom floor with what I call "supervised play time" I don't know his whole history, but I think he was probably a victim of parents who give their kids pets without analyzing the actual care that the pet is going to need.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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Hello & welcome to our gp nut site. Thanks for rescuing the little guy and giving him a better home. How about posting some pigtures? Would love to see him.

My water bottle leaks too and I got it at Petsmart.
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Maybe he's just nervous and nips a little. Give him some time to learn to trust you and he'll soon be your best friend.

He sounds cute! Yes we do love pigtures!
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And here I am again, showing my butt!
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MY water bottles don't leak... I got them from PetSmart, too. They're the ones with the orange writing on them. Be sure to fill them up to the very top in order for the suction thing to work -- it prevents leaking.
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Hey, I got the same water bottle! I'll have to fill it all the way to see if it stops leaking. Hrmpf. :tongue2:
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I like the one from Walmart. It has been the best one I've found it has a big wide black cap. I just like that one! Welcome to the site!
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