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Trouble, need advice

I devided up 6 of my pigs that were all together about a month ago. I'm getting ready to put them back together again. I didn't think I would have a problem but today i put all 6 in a pen outside to eat grass. Most behaved good but Sierra who is my most dominent female really flipped out- she was biting everybody and causing a stir up- it calmed down for a moment than Emma and Sierra started fighting. Now Emma was always second in command, sometimes she would challenge Sierra when they lived with each other, but would always back down to Sierra. Today in the pen Emma got tuff and really went at Sierra. I took out just Sierra , they all got along OK with out her- probably because the other ones are just more submissive.
Should I just put Emma and Sierra alone in the pen next time- they really have to work this out. They lived with each other fine for a very long time. What would you suggest in getting them all together again?
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give them some time, put them together and do the normal run of the mill introduction stuff that is on cavyspirit. They will work it out!
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Not that I'm lazy about going to read at cavyspirit but how about put 1 in at a time very slowly starting from most dominent than working my way downward. Maybe not even finish with getting them all together in one visit- boy, I can't believe I have to go through this again
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Oh Linda I'm sorry to hear about the re-introduction trouble you're having

When I got Bridget she was very dominant and at the time Crystal was my top pig... the initial intro went bad!

I took someone's advice who introduced horses.

Intro the most dominant to the most submissive... I'd give it a good hour then add the next submissive... every hour add another working your way up the more dominant pigs... make sense?

That way the most dominant won't see the majority as a threat... but the top 2 girls will have to figure things out.

This worked for me... but it also took a solid 12 hrs to get all the girls happily tolerating each other on the floor.

I made one whole day for introductions.

Maybe it will help you too!

We'll keep our paws crossed for you and the girls!!

*Expect nipping... expect raised hackles... expect rumblestrutting, expect hair pulling... watch for teeth baring (looks like a yawn)... stand by with dustpan and thick towels ready to break up a full force fight, but I don't think (or at least hope) you won't need it!

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That sounds like much better sence to me! yes i will do that!

I think Sierra just was so overwhelmed that she felt every pig must know she was boss and just ran around chattering and biting!
I really know why it never worked out with Sierra and Ishta, I always blamed Ishta but Sierra sure played a part in that too.
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Leave it to the girls to be so bossy!

I'm not experienced in the cavy department on this so I'm sorry I can't give you advice. I'll leave that to the experts around here. I give you full moral support though!
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Wishing you luck the next time you try the intros. Hope it goes well. Here's some lucky clover.
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I see a very long day of getting them all back in the c&c cage again. And a long night of sqeaks , shavings flying, and pigs a scurrying.
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