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uh...this could be a problem.

We only had the male a few days but Dart seems to be getting round. Rounder than our other guinea pigs we've had before...any way to tell for sure that she is or is not pregnant?
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When I got my first pig I thought she was pregnant because her belly grew so fast... but turns out she was just a chubber ~love ya Crystal~

Is Dart's belly feeling soft or firm? Seems like a firm belly could be a sign. (Crystal's belly was soft and a co-worker of mine's pregnant female's belly was noticeably firm)

That's about all I can contribute... sorry.

Erin seems to have quite a bit of experience in that department... maybe she'll be along and can be of more help!

Other than that... 10 weeks from the first day you had her in with your male and you'll know for sure Males can impregnant females as early as about 3-4 weeks of age!
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Okay, I can relax. I took her with me to the vet's office and the vet said unless she was less than 2 weeks pregnant she would be able to feel the babies. No babies. *whew*
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Yes, the guinea pig gyno here.

Sounds to me like she's just getting a belly on her. It's been awhile since the male was taken out of her cage, and I think the vet would be able to tell. At least I'd hope!

Pregnant pigs definatly develop a very firm belly about 4 weeks before delivery.
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I got really worried that my little Scruffy might be pregnant a while back. Like maybe I didn't get her brother out of the cage soon enough. She was just in the midst of a growth spurt. And when she gets growth spurts she gets rounder and very chubby. Quiet the opposite of her brother who gets long and lean during his growth spurts.
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I am glad to hear that there may NOT be any babies.
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I had to laugh when I read this! I took Coco to the vet for the same reason! She was very round in the belly as she was growing up. She was very healthy and is one of my larger girls!
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