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Exclamation Urgent Question About My Ill Guinea Pig

My little one, Panda (8 weeks old) is suffering from what was called pneumonia by a non-exotic vet, though I am sure it is actually an upper respiratory infection.

He was first given the antibiotic Baytril which gave him diarrhea and severe loss of appetite shortly after the first dose, so just yesterday we had the vet switch antibiotics for him.

The new antibiotic is a smaller dose to be given every 12 hours, instead of once a day.

His appetite has immediately started returning (yay!!!!)

The problem now is that there haven't been any droppings in his cage at all since he began the new antibiotic.

However, I have most definitely seen him engage in coprophagy (the eating of a certain kind of dropping which gives him essential vitamins) very often.

My question is: Is it possible that because he has been so ill he is eating all his droppings, not just the vitamin-rich ones?

I am aware of the dangers of bloat and impaction and to that end, he has a vet appointment at 8:30 this morning.

I am asking my question because I am hoping that the lack of droppings in his cage doesn't necessarily have to mean that he's coming down with bloat or he has an impaction. My poor little Panda has been through too much already!

Thank you kindly for any answer anyone can provide!!

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No, even when they're ill they won't start eating the non-cecal pellets. Are you forcefeeding him?

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We were syringe feeding but as soon as we switched antibiotics he started to gain his appetite back. Today is 3rd day of the new antibiotic and he's eating normally.

Impaction and bloat were ruled out this morning, but he is just beginning to poo again and the stools are clay colored instead of his normal colored dark brown, so if his stools don't completely normalize soon, I'll have the vet check for bloat and impaction again at his medication check later this week.

Here's another question about URIs: Is putting his head way up and sniffing the air for almost a full minute at a time a symptom of URI? He's also spending more time sniffing his bedding.
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bloat, coprophagy, diarrhea, impaction, uri

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