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Pelvic bones fuse, or something along those lines, but there is a point where the female is able to become pregnant but she cannot give birth, the babies become trapped and she dies due to this I'd never dare to risk it!

I've been nipped a few times by a guinea pigs. I'd say that guinea pigs are less likely to bite than hamsters (although it's pretty rare in syrian hamsters anyway), but it'll hurt more if they really go for you.

The stores don't make cages big enough. They make some relatively big ones compared to others, but not compared to the C&C cages. ALL store bought cages are too small for a pair of guinea pigs, and you can't keep one on it's own (with a FEW exceptions) so therefore they aren't big enough

I can't really add to what others have said about guinea pigs.
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I have a store bought cage for the time being for Hammy & Porky that the rescue gave when I adopted them from them. Our C&C cage will come shortly, but, I agree that is not big enough for both of them and I try to only leave then in there to sleep or overnight to keep the cats and dogs at bay. 90% of the time is floor time at our house.
Piggys are the most cuddly rodent I have ever owned, and so verbal. It is the sweetest sound to hear when I walk in the door at night. They can not come to greet me, but they make sure to say "Hello Mom" or let me know when they are hungry
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I think someone said that a pair of females tend to get on better with a pair of males... I disagree with this and don't really think that there's a difference, although males do best in pairs whilst females CAN be housed in groups, but don't have to be. Pairs is sufficient. With males, they tend to scrap when they first meet and then get on fine, whereas females tend to just have little tiffs over nothing every now and again. They both get on with each other (As was said before, there are a few rare exceptions to this - those that wish to live alone).
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