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Newborn Pup
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Question What kind of pellets do you use?

I've been using Oxbow's Cavy Cuisine for about 2 years now. What do you use/suggest?

Is there anyone that uses APD's new Timmy pellets?
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I also use Cavy Cuisine/performance. I love it, and so do the pigs.

I've used Scarlette natural guinea pig food too, after reading the ingrediants though I started on the oxbow.

I've never tried APD, but I hear it's just as good as the oxbow. I don't know.
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I use Mazuri now and back before I was introduced to the feed store I used Kaytee (without the colored bits, just pellets). I will stick with Mazuri here.
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I've been using "Browns" made in PA near me. It's alfalfa based. I just ordered Oxbows Cavy Cuisine, hope my piggies like it.
My husband would buy it (Browns) right from the mill where it's made , I figured it had to be fresh, but now he won't be near that area anymore with his new job .
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My piggies eat the oxbow Cavy performance. They are still young.
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I use a mixture of Oxbow's Cavy Cuisine and the APD Timmy pellets with some Oxbow's Cavy Performance mixed in also since my pigs are all under or just over a year old. When they all reach one year I will go with just the Cavy Cuisine and APD Timmy pellets mixed.

My vet and a friend that does hamster rescue both recommended going with mixtures of 2 different brands for a couple of reasons..
1) Using 2 different brands helps insure that if there is something lacking in one, it may be made up for in the other.
2) If you run out of food and one of the brands isn't available, it won't be a drastic switch to another brand.

That made sense to me so that is what I have always done for all of my pets (cats, dog, hamster, pigs). It's probably not as important when using a high quality feed, but I still do it anyway
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I just recently switched to the same pellets that Cavy Spirit Rescue uses (or at least did use): Guinea Pig Diet by PMI Nutrition International. It's a lab diet and not what I would normally use but the 50 pound bag was about $18. I got it at Dean's Feed store, the same place where I got the large bags of Carefresh for $8.10. Before that I was using Supreme from Petco (since it had the least amount of fines) and then before that, ADP and/or Oxbow's pellets.
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WOW Skeeter, that's a great price for carefresh. I used it just recently to see if one of mine was allergic to pine. But it's just too expensive at almost 14$ for lrg bag here. Plus I'm cleaning my cage every 3 days now and going through tons of bedding.
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The prices at the pet stores vary between $14 - 22. Unfortunately, I have to drive a bit to get it and pay a $5 bridge toll (for the GG Bridge).
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I use Cavy Cuisine.
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carefresh online

I get my carefresh direct from carefresh--it's about US$19 a bag, including shipping, which is the best price I've found anywhere. The dropping of the other shoe, however, is that one order is five bags. But with one pig and 8 rats (in two cages) my gf and I go thru the stuff pretty quickly.

I feed Harley Gertie Guinea Pig food (can't remember who makes it--same company that makes Reggie Rat and Harry Hamster). I love my Harley, but he is the most *@#% picky eater in the world! Only eats peeled carrots; I waste most of any other packaged food.

Consequently, he gets a lot of romaine and lettuce mixes, baby spinach, and blueberries--I sprinkle vitamin powder onto the veggies for extra Vit C (less waste when sprinkled, and he gets a measured amount of the vitamins). He seems quite healthy; the vet agrees at his yearly checkups.

--Victor and Harley
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I have ued Katee and Mazuri for mine, but the brand I like the best and the cavies seem to agree is Vita Mix by Sun Seed.
I buy it at Mounds in 25# bags and I go through the bag pretty quick with 9 of them.

As for hay I buy it on line from Lowe's

They have the freshest that I have come across and it is the least expensive way I have found to buy hay. Plus 25% of your total goes back to the Baraboo Guinea Pig Rescue and that helps her quite a bit as well.
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