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1st Visit To The Vet

So, I found a couple bite marks on Daisy three or four days ago so I made a vet appointment... The vet said it could either be from Lily or Daisy could be doing it to herself. So... he told me to separate them for a couple of weeks (daisy is in another cage, but i keep the cages near each other so they can still see each other and i still let them play together under my supervision in the bathroom). If the bite marks heal while they are separated, I can put them back together and if they come back then we know it's Lily doing it.. and I guess I'll just have to keep them separated except for when I have them out for play times.. but if she still gets the bite marks while they're separated, it is Daisy doing it to herself... he told me about some powder stuff called SEVEN DUST that I should sprinkle on her and/or mix in with the bedding or something. If it comes to that, I'll call and ask again what I'm suppose to do.

I'll keep you all updated!
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I thought seven dust was an insecticide
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I looked up Sevin Dust. It's an insecticide that is safe to use on human consumables like tomatoes. It's safe to use in moderation to get rid of mites on rats. She could have mites - one of the main symptoms of mites is unexplainable scabs. Just make sure you don't have any open water sources (bottles only) and avoid her food.

I've had this problem lots of times tho. Mainly with my rat Mikiboo. She gets these "bitemarks" from time to time which progressively gets worse. What happens is she over-grooms herself. When she scratches she sometimes pulls out fur, which scabs over. The scabs are itchy, and well.. the process starts. When this happens I buy some neosporin and put a very very small amount on my fingers and "groom" her with neosporin coated fingertips once a day. It helps relieve the itch and her fur starts to grow back. Neosporin is safe and I have used it on several of my rats without any problems.

Now I have a question -- can you post pictures of Daisy's bite marks? They could just be scabs like Mikiboo's. If they are indeed bitemarks from Lily they would be somewhat deep.
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Daisy will never stay still enough for us to get a very good look at them so I doubt I'll be able to get pictures. The vet said he really does not think it's mites though. It's either bites from Lily or Daisy herself.
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