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Added another level to the mouse house!

After having one of my girly mice escape on me 3 times I decided I needed to get a better lid. I was using a laundry bag, the type that is a mesh material, with masking tape wrapped around it. I went to the local pet stores and checked out the rodent tank covers, but they were all around 20 bucks! I knew I could make one for cheaper so I went to Lowes and got a roll of 1/4 inch wire mesh for $6 and made a tank topper (I think that's what they're called) to add on to their house for a little over a quarter of the price of a lid. The total highth is now 3 foot 2 inches from bottom to top. I even managed to make a couple sliding doors, one on top and one in front, like the store bought cages have. They love climbing all over the top level. I also made a little "feeding box" to put their timothy hay in to keep it from being scattered all over the place. With this addition there's now enough room that I could get a couple more little cuties! Yay!!!!!

The whole mouse house

My DIY tank topper

The DIY timothy hay "box"
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Wow, that's a great mouse house!!
You can have quite a few of those sweeties in there!!
How many mice do you currently have?
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Cute cage, I bet they love it in there?
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Wow! That's an impressive topper! You should write the instructions on how to make it. Really cool! I love it!
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Thanks. I thought about doing a DIY on it, but I didn't take any pictures while it was in progress. 2 new girls just completed their quarinteen period 2 days ago so there's 4 in there now. I'm kinda worried about the new girls though. One hardly comes out of the nest box, and one of the older mice bullies both the new girls. I have been keeping an eye on them and still have the quarinteen bin set up just in case I have to move the new girls out of there. I haven't seen her bother them yet today though so that might be a good sign. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm thinking of getting another roll of the wire mesh and eleminating the aquarium, replacing it with another DIY cage, and using the plexiglass second level as the bottom to contain the bedding to help out with ventallation and give them lots of climbing oppourtunities.
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nice! i like it =)
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