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alergic to rats

i"ve brought htis up before but it's getting worse.
i'm becoming increasingly alergic to my rats. it wasn't a problem the first year i had them but now whenever i hadle them i break out in hives. just last night i had them on my shoulder and rizzo, my big fat white rat started sniffing around my face and licket my eyelid a little bit. 10 minutes later my eye started itching and swelled up for about an hour.
we take the cage appart once a week and clean it with soap and water. we use a paper towel and clean out all the loose urine and crap every other day or as needed.
i tried washing one in a cool-whip container of luke warm water and he freaked out. i won't be getting rid of them. their my children. but i can't handle them as much as i want to.
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Have you talked to your doctor about getting a cortisone cream?
I have a cat allergy and while I don't own any cats the majority of my friends do. I break out in hives when dander comes in contact with my skin so my doctor prescribed a cream for my to put on my arms before I go to friends houses or after if I breakout unexpectedly.
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I had the exact same allergies when I had rats. Especially if I rubbed my eyes after handling them - both my eyes would swell up. I ended up keeping a thin sweatshirt for rattie playtime and wore it to cover my arms, made sure to wash my hands really well before touching my face and tried to keep them off of my neck (or keep a towel around my neck) when they were out playing. Just those things helped a lot. And of course allergy meds such as benedryl or claritin did a bit to help as well.
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If claritin or benadryl don't work for you. (They have little affect on me.) You may have to talk to your doctor about a prescription allergy pill. I take Allegra but Zyrtec is now available over the counter and it's a little stronger then claritin.
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