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Anyone keep mice AND cats??

I have neither, but i am (hopefully) getting both! Mice on Saturday, Cat after easter...

Anyone successfully (or not successfully!) keep both in the same house? Do you seperate the cats into another room or do they just know they're not allowed near the cage?

I'm not sure how to go about it because of the natural predator thing.

please post with either good or bad experience. I need an idea of how difficult this would be! Thanks!
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depends on the cat....... some cats it clicks and they'll kill immediately, while other cats are afraid of domestic mice (probably because the mice show no fear)

my cat plays with my rats like playmates, and she grew up with them.. but that same cat I don't trust with my spiny mice. she's never harmed or even tried to harm them,but she has shown an intense interest at getting into their tanks... just be sure the tank/cage is escape proof and cat proof
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I do. Its kind of difficult, with my cats anyway. I have the rats, dwarf hamster, fish, rabbits, and mice in their own room. We call it "the rabbit room" but now it should be called "the rodent room" lol. Anyway, my cat Tiger is the one I have to worry about. He is always trying to get my dwarf hammy, and he attacks my rat's tails. I've tried leaving the door open and spraying him with water when he goes in, but he still manages to sneak in. Since I got the mice yesterday, I haven't let the cats in. I'm going to keep the door closed unless I am in there, because I don't want to take any chances. Some cats may be better around mice. I know my moms cat never tried to get any of our critters. She just wasn't interested. But I have two BIG boy kitties and I do not trust them, so its just safer for me to keep them out. Good luck and keep is updated!
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Thanks for your quick responses...

My tank is very secure, but i'm more worried about the mice being scared...
I think if I do get a cat i will just shut it out of my bedroom (that's where the mice will live) and the cat will have to sleep somewhere else! I don't want to take any risks!

It's going to have to be a very calm cat though because we have a dog too! We will see, and i will post if it gets to that point!!
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I have never owned a cat, but at the place that I lived last year, one of the girls had a cat. It was a rescue, I found him wondering alone (about 1 month old) in front of our apartment and I took it. My housemate decided to keep him. Well, I had the door to my room always closed unless I was there. If I was there, I allowed Peluzo in, and he walked around and liked to get on top of my 20g long tank (in which I had Martina and Kuzco) to look at them. Dumb gerbils, they saw the cat and went to their second floor to look at him LOL it was quite funny. The cat usually fell asleep there and didn't try to get in.. just look at them... but I was always watching him while he was in there just in case, and never left him in my room if I wasn't there. Also, it was a kitty, then and not too heavy, but I was worried, if he grew up to be a big cat, that he could knock down the tank, even if the tank is pretty heavy. Either way, my advice is that you don't let the cat in unless you are there watching him. Also, I saw your cage, and since it's all glass, it's safer than a wire cage, since in a wire cage they can easily grab a bit of mouse before you can see. Also, be sure you lock the vage VERY tight, a escaped mouse would be an easy prey to a cat, and keep your door locked while you are not there or sleeping, so if a mouse escapes, it can't get out of the room, and check the cage and do a head (or tail, if you prefer) count before opening the door. And keep the cat away while you are playing with the mice or cleaning the cage... hmm.. I think that's it...
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I don't think the mice will be scared. Just make sure that your lid is secure. Tiger jumped on top of my tank and knocked the lid in and it landed on my dwarf hammy! Thats when I said "enough!" and decided they need to stay out of there.
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Very helpful comments thank you very much

My friends are saying "I think you should just NOT get a cat"

But that's too easy isn't it! You never know, it might not happen but it's always helpful to have these things in mind when you are planning possible combinations of animals!!! Thanks everyone
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I wouldn't let that stop you from getting a cat. My co-workers always tease me for having rats and cats. They say they don't mix. But what do they know? They don't have rats. I'm definitely more concerned with my cats around Bitey (dwarf hammy) and mice than anything. Especially the hammy because she burrows under the bedding and moves around and it just makes the cats go crazy! I have tried teaching them that she is a pet, but with Oliver and Tiger its just not going to work. There have been waaaay too many close calls with them. Jasmine (little girl kitty) has never caused a problem. So that shows it depends on the cat. Either way, I would never let it stop me from getting rodents or cats. I just have to keep the door closed and be careful.
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Ok! Thanks - thats really encouraging My friends just don't believe me that it can work! I'll show them! ha ha. I should be getting at least one mouse on saturday afternoon, so i'll probably post a picture on sunday/monday!
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tigger jumps on top of the mouse cage wen he thinks im not looking and sits there whining as if to say 'mommy i want 1!' little piggor is such a weirdo...... hes given up on scratching the cage lid and all i havta do now to get him to leave them alone is hiss........ yes i said hiss.... lolz he gets the message...

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Well Milko (cat) has never done anything to the mice but I don't trust him either. I don't shut the door to the spare room but generally if he is up the front of the house he is being watched anyway (he jumps on the tables etc. so unless I can watch him he is locked out the back section of the house) I take the mouse cage out the back to clean it (remove mice first) and one day he climbed right in the cage. I have never let him see where the mic elive (on top of the computer desk) but he found them the other day and jumped on the computer desk. I don't know if he wanted to inspect them or get them. The mice don't seem scared of him but toy mice are Milko's favourite toys so I just don't trust him! He wouldn't get into the cage but he could knock it over and I'm just not prepared to let it happen!

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I think you can get both! I own both. I have two mice and a Maine Coon cat currently, and, in fact, my cat Sugar has been a lot more afraid of the mice then they are of him! He kinda gets big eyes when he sees them, like "EEK, what are those!?!?", and then he coos and runs away. LOL.
But when wild mice get into the house, he kills them and carries them around. haha!
Plus, the mice have never been scared of Sugar. They are a little inquisitive, but seeing as they've never had an insecure cage or any close calls, I think they just don't think they have a reason to fear him.

I am lucky however, because my first mouse, Lamont, escaped one day when my family and I was out shopping. He could have been out for three hours (how long we were gone) for all we knew! But when we got back, he was sitting on my mom's bedroom floor staring at us like "what?" And then he ran into my hand and back into the cage.
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I have two cats and buttercup the oldest one has no interest in my mice while Shadow who is only about 6 months old loves to stalk them and try and get into their cage. my mice have no fear of him though which is funny. I just leave the cats outside unless I am home and can watch them while they are inside. shadow actually brought a wild mouse into the house last night aftetr he killed it so he got chucked outside pronto.
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I keep two cats and a house full of small furry creatures that they probably see as breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper but they know how far to go as i've taught them. The thing to remember is cats don't distinguish between your cute little mouse and the little mouse they bring you home as a present, to them its all fair game as they are born hunters so i think its never wise to trust your cat too much around your small pets! I think its possible to keep both as long as the mice are in a secure tank that the cat can't lift the lid off or knock the tank over and when your out or not around then just keep the door to the room shut that the mice are in so to avoid any possible accidents!

Goodluck and hope it all works out for you and look forward to seeing pics of the new arrivals when they arrive


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Ah! another thing... an outside cat tends to have a higher prey drive than an inside cat. Outside cats find wild mice and small animals and learn to hunt, while if you have an inside cat, it would find wild mice inside your house that often to learn to hunt and eat. This does not mean that an inside cat doesn't has prey drive, they do, and would kill a mice if they can, but you can control more an inside cats' instincs (yeah, I'm totally against oustide cats... people should not let them get out and roam the neighborhood!)
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