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Exclamation baby Boy! Friends. Photos. Cages. Meds?

Today on whim I ended up with a very young baby boy rex rat. Hes very sweet and a bit scared. Hes maybe at most a month. Ive gotten some photos but he moves so fast!!!! The last one is for laughs.

I believe he might have an upper respiratory issue, I did just switch him from his paper bedding in the store to some high quality aspen though. (the bedding even looked dusty.) He sneezing a bit. Its kinda of loud but it hasn't gotten violent. I think im going to wait about a day or two to see if it might be the bedding switch, however I really think its not that. What medication would you recommenced for a rat SO young? I think its a mild issue, however since he is so young I worry about it becoming much bigger.

Also, right now hes in a bin cage hes so small. Ill show you guys some photos. I expect he will be growing rather quickly so i need to grab him a bigger cage and quick. Ive been browsing Martin cages and I think i could modify them with towels and some soft beds and so forth. However Id like to know what you guys would recommend. Im not found of superpet, I know that he'll just chew the shelving. He seems the type to do that. Also, if the cage is big enough for two to live comfortable I dont mind emptying my pockets.

Heres another questions, same sex pairs. Id like to get him a friend, as he is a rat and rats love to be together. Hes so young right now that any friend I pick for him i doubt hed have an issue with. But im more so concerned about the other rat that I get. Most of the rats were older at my local pet shop so I worry they might hurt him. I also worry they wont get along and he will be in danger. Then there's the issue of waiting...Im not sure that Id want to wait for the smaller rat to grow up, it seems hes been alone for a while because of his age and Id rather him get used to having friends than being alone. My store does have a '30 day' deal however. I could always try it.

PHOTO TIME!!!!!!!!!

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I guess I cant edit my thread now? o_O;; well ok then.

Ive read this guide:
I think I might need to wait some more for him to grow up. However, id like to go ahead and pick his male friend out so WE can bound.
Still, any advice or something you guys did differently?

I went ahead and ordered that Martin Tower (powdered). :C I hope its worth it like everyone said. i just spent two paychecks of a job i dont have. haha.
Oh well..even if the boys dont get along and i have to return the older male at least this cage is paradise for the little guy.


What should I name him?

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