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Baby Excess

Well, first thanks to all who answered my first post so long ago! It turns out that yes, my one rat was indeed pregnant. In fact, she gave birth to 5 healthy babies a month or so ago. But... Now it turns out that two of my three remaining adult females were pregnant as well. The first litter didn't survive at all, but luckily the second did. So now I have 5 miniature clones, and 6 more little squeakers. ^.^ But here's where the problem kicks in. The pet shop where I purchased the male said they would take any babies born but now they refuse to since they have an "overstock". Just as well since, no offense to snakes and reptiles, I don't want these little cuties becoming little rat crunchies. My one friend suggested becoming a breeder since 8 of the 11 are albinos, but I don't have any pedigree information of the parents. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can possibly do with these little guys? I would love to keep them but three small aquariums simply aren't enough....
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I know this predicament well. I figured I could give them away when they were old enough, but then I named them...and got very attached to now I am the "mom" to 12 rats, that I have turned down giving away more than a few times. I just don't think that anyone else could spoil them as well as I do. But as I posted before, I am pretty sure dome Monday all the males will be fixed and I won't find myself in this spot again.
You should re-consider breeding, since you are having a problem finding homes for the ones you already have.
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