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Exclamation Baby Mouse?????? PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

so yesterday I went to get a new betta fish because my old one died
I was walking through the petstore and I went to take a look in the bird room.
To my suprise ther was a cage full of pinkies without a mother!
They were for sale as snake food!
I have a really soft spot in my heart for babies and so I bought one.
It is so cute, it is a little male
There is one problem...
I don't really know how to care for it.
I've looked at a few websites and I've been feeding it Esbilac (puppy milk, the powdered kind that you mix with water) every 2 hours.
I was wondering what else I should do.
And how long it will take for him to grow up (he's a bit longer than a quarter and has peach fuzz)
How old do you think he is?????
thanks so much!!!!!

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this is him

awwwww <3
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Caring for a mouse as small as that one is very difficult, but not completely impossible. It is usually best if you could find a nursing mouse that could adopt him

If he has fuzz, I guess he must be around 1 week old. They grow pretty fast, at 2 weeks they are completely furred and start opening their eyes. They can start weaning process at 4 weeks and at 5 weeks should be eating solids completely.

For mice, and other rodents and rabbits, it is recommended to use KMR (kitten milk) instead of Esbilac. Besides feeding him every 2 hours, you'll have to help him urinate/defecate by gently rubbing his genitals with a piece of paper towel or cloth. Keep him warm, as they can't regulate their temperature.

Here are a couple of pages that tell you what to do to care for the mouse:
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I found six pinkies at my old job. I found the best way to make them defecate is a wet towel or cotton pad (warm water) and rub the genitals. I also fed them every two hours, like you. Even in the night, every two hours. Kept them in a shoe box on my desk, with face cloths and socks. Laid one layer of face cloth over them. Put on the lid to the box ajar, and had my desk lamp hovering directly over it, aiming down. I had the lamp's bulb about 1.25-1.5 feet above the lid of the box. It made my sleeping interesting but it only lasts a couple weeks. I fed them with a tiiiiiiny eyedropper I got at the pharmacy. They ate human baby formula made with homogenized milk (the 4% stuff). I, at the time, had NO idea what to do with them. So I was doing what I thought was best. They were doing fantastically!! When I'd take the lid off I'd say "Hello my cuties!" and they'd wormy wiggle in my direction. During those following 7 days, 3 died. One on one day, and two on another day. I'd open the lid to feed them and they'd just be gone all ready. It wasn't too warm or cool, I was way too picky about that. Just no education about it, and silly me didn't think to check to net for places like here to ask for help! The remaining 3 mice, were doing so good! Growing fur, eyelid crease, ears changing, much more mobile. Able to wobbily crawl around the box. I'd gotten a habitrail for them, for when they outgrew the box. Those next 7 days were so cool! Then my Dad and sister came to visit, and stayed with me. My sister at the time was 7. She peeked at the mice when I was working a short shift. When she replaced the lamp after looking, she walked away. But I had specifically told her not to look without Dad with her, because one of the two lamp arm springs was broken, so it was touchy and would sink low if not put just right (I have the touch, and my Dad's just smart lol). So when she walked away she didn't see the arm sink low. Because when I came home from work, I went into my room and the lamp was resting on the lid!! GAH! I looked, they were dead . I did however after that get my "first" mouse. So that long winded story goes to show you that what I chose to do went very well for me. OH! And....dont' trust old missing-a-spring lamps! *sigh*

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Good luck.
However it is really hard to look after such a young mouse.Are you sure it is male? While it is not impossible to sex babies this young,it is quite hard to sex them at this age.

I wish you the best of luck.

* Lisa *

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yeah typically it's hopeless with pinkies which is why the first thing the pet store owner asked me was do they have hair? Mine although didn't have a alot 3 days ago still had some

How I have found it easy to feed my 3 is hold them on their backs and hold close to their heads just so the head is still enough to use an eyedropper to feed them (I have been using baby bird formula). I put a drop on their mouth making sure not to get it on their nose as they need to breath, and let them suck it in. The first couple feedings will probably be a pain but after that he should start to get the idea and open his mouth when it feels the eyedropper touch it's mouth with a drop of food . To house them I have been using a bird cage with seram wrap around the bottom since one did escape. I put them low in the cage using old shampoo bottles filled with hot water and wrapped in a towel with a blanket on top they was folded over them. Just makes sure it's not to hot, it's more important for you to keep the temp monitored as with only one he has no one else to huddle with to stay warm longer.

Other than that make sure the formula is warm when you feed it to him as they don't like cold food. If you find he starts skipping feedings I found spacing the feeding times farther has them eat properly. Just remember don't force them to eat if they don't want to.

I can only help to this point as mine don't have their eyes open yet. Also remember... THEY ARE ALOT QUICKER THAN THEY LOOK!!! lol

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sadly he passed away last night
thank you for all your information
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