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baby wipes

i was wondering if it would be okay to use unsented baby wipes on my rats. i have rat allergies and i think it would calm them down if i get some of that musk off of them.
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I've seen wipes at the pet store that are made specially for rats and small animals. Have you tried those?
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I would not suggest using baby wipes there are chemicals and preservatives which can harm your ratties, and they usually contain alcohol which can severely dry out their skin. Also I don't believe it would help your allergies. When you are allergic to an animal you are allergic to the dander which is tiny skin paticles. So it's really the skin you are allergis to not the hair. The dander is everywhere, in the air. You could also be allergic to the oils in the hair and skin, and it would be impossible to get all of those oils off your rat with baby wipes. My best suggestion if you want to keep your rats is allergy medicine such as alegra or allergy shots.
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Actually there are Pampers Sensitive wipes that contain no alcohol, no dyes, no fragrance. If you are still concerned about other chemicals then you can take a washcloth with just plain old warm water. See if the cutting down on hair makes a difference. It works with a lot of people with cats. If this helps then there should be no need to take pills.
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the small pet wipes contain an ingrediant in ceder bedding called phoylnes (sp) so i thought it may be a bad idea. i read that i can be allergic to the male rats pee particles which are on there fur. thats why i thought baby wipes would help. i am on seral allergy medications and none work. i will never get rid of my ratties. a bath would help them but i am scared they will catch cold. its cold outside and i live in a basment house so it stay chilly
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They make lots of nice "dry baths" for small animals that are basically a powder that you brush into their skin, and it bathes them by eliminating some of the oils. They are safe to use as often as you want, and the kind I currently have smells like cucumber and its very yummy. I have mice though, so with bigger animals it may not be as effective, but its quite inexpensive so maybe it's worth a shot!

Good luck!!!
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i was reading the ingrediants on the powder too and its contains phoynols(sp) the same thing in ceder that i read that was bad for them. i am afraid to use it.
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