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Unhappy Boris 911!

I can not figure out what happened! Just two days ago I was bragging on how well Boris was doing since we finished his last round of antibiotics. Yesterday I checked on him and he looked awful!! He was thin with his bones showing in places, and his skin was dry. He had loads of porphyrin. He wasn't as warm to the touch as usual. And he seemed weak and lethargic! What could go so badly so quickly? I know since the babies were born everyone hasn't had as much attention, but I'm still careful to pick everyone up and check them over once a day, so this was literally over night!

It's so weird! He doesn't seem to be having respiratory problems. My first thought was the hernia, but it's the same, light colored, easily manipulated, not causing pain. It almost seems like maybe Figaro isn't letting him eat or drink lately, but when we watch them Boris always seems like the dominate one. It was so weird though, as weak as he was, as soon as we got him into his own cage he started eating everything in sight like he'd never seen food before, and I feed them all every day! It was like he was starved!

I've been giving him pellets, milk bones, yogies, and dehydrated bananas. I bathed him and put oil on his skin because it was so dry. I increased the temp in the room he's in and added fleece. And I've been syringe feeding him a couple of cc's of water at a time because he didn't seem to be drinking much. This morning he was a little better (more responsive and warmer to the touch) but he is still just so pitiful.

I know what y'all are going to say and yes I'm definitely taking him to the vet. For now though I'm more concerned with getting him rehydrated. With meds in the past he's had major issues with diarrhea, and I really don't know how we would survive any kind of medication or procedure as weak, dehydrated, and starved as he is right now. I'm kind of planning on getting him warm, fed, and rehydrated and then taking him to the vet to see what may have caused this in a day or two. Right now I'm worried about him even making the 40 min trip to the vet! Honestly though, it doesn't seem like disease. He was doing better, no sneezes or breathing hard. He's peeing and pooing normal. Figaro, his cage mate, is in perfect health and has been growing leaps and bounds, no signs of disease whatsoever. Could it get bad this quickly just from Figaro not letting him get to the food and water?
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well im not sure, I've had my rat on antibiotics for 2 weeks now and I know that mine ate loads because the stuff we had to give him was so bitter...

bannanas are good! I read it on the internet- are you mashing them? Thats what we did and it did actually help, I would also recommend flax seeds.

I'm not sure why he is reacting like this tho...

good luck!!

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Boris is the hairless rat,am I right?
If the other rat is not letting him eat/drink,then it could happen.Nekkid rats have a higher metabolism and need to eat more and eat more proteins then furred rats.

To hydrate him,syring him water.Thats what I had to do with a sick,dehydrated hairless rat I had once.Also offer him some baby food,because this will get some nutrients into him as well abit of hydrating.

Good luck!

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I don't really have any advice, other than what you are already doing. Good luck, I hope he gets better.


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Good luck!
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best wishes, keep up the good work. it is possible the other guy is posessive about food. maybe later on when boris is better, put two of everything in the cage (if you don't all ready). like 2 food bowls, 2 water bottles etc

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