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Bronwen April 2006 to March 7, 2009 * cry *

A little late I realize but she was soo special to me...

I had no clue that this teeny little PEW girl was going to be the one when I saw her. And to think that I almost left her behind. I put my fingers in her teeny hammie cage, knowing I could easily be nipped or she would be very skittish, but she leaned into my fingers and even tipped her cheek for rubs. I will ALWAYS be grateful to the shelter employee for asking us if we wanted another one. We were already there to pick up 3 older boys and take them to their new home, and this wee one they had found in a backyard wasn’t even advertised and they weren’t going to. Once her stray period was up she was to be euthanized. I asked when that was…and when I heard “tomorrow” that was it. Little Bronwen ended up going on a 9 hour car ride with us and cuddled in my lap for most of it.
Little Bronny’s nipples are actually rather famous on the Goosemoose forum, as I posted a frantic typical post of “Prominent nipples on young female…” . Yep she was pregnant…
Bronny was amazing during her pregnancy, she seemed so proud of sharing the wonder with her. She would lie patiently on my lap on my hands as I would feel the little eepers moving and pushing through her skin, she would just brux away as she lay there.
Once she had her 13 bubs, she was a wonderful mom, and I learned so much from observing her and her Bronlings. I have used her nipples post prior to birth and her weight gain chart to help out many others over the years who were trying to determine if their girl was pregnant and what should they do. So many people put up good advice in that post that I used it as a teaching tool.
Bronny was my girl…she was the one early in our relationship who was dying to bounce around when I let her out, but she would sense I was sad or unhappy and would dive under my cheek/neck and stay very very still, so I could stroke her and feel better. I considered these her ratty hugs. Once I told her I was okay, she would be off running. She was very sensitive to not only mine, but other rats feelings. She was the total motherly type and was soo good with timid rats and bringing them out of her shell.
She met and knew a LOT of rats over her lifetime, and I think they all adored her.
She was never sick, she was always sweet, albeit she got a bit chubby as she aged but it just meant more soft goodness. She loved to lie on my lap and get scratches…she bruxxed every time I touched her. She was The Rat out of all the wonderful rats I have met and as many of you know, I have known some incredible ones.
She is survived by 2 of her daughters, Angel and Namu.

After my beloved Dilbert died rather unexpectedly at 27 months (they were the same age), , I told Bronny she HAD to make it to 3 years old…she really tried and was only 3 weeks short. But I had to let her go today, I could never make my lady suffer or be uncomfortable with that swelling in her mouth.

She slept on my bed for the last 3 days…bruxxing while I patted her, wobbling under my neck for her strokes as usual.
I will miss her so much, it’s incredibly hard to imagine a day without her…but I will continue because she would want me to.

My wee girl just home

Being pregnant is sooo tiring

With her Bronling attachments

She was so good about hats

My little farmer girl

Her first real family

New family (Bronny on left)

Bronny bruxxing

Megan, Angel and Bronny

Linny, her new “baby” and Bronwen who had such a sweet distinctive face

Bronny also used to rest her chin on my hand

She loved her log

And being herself to the very end, comforting sick Linny last week, even as she felt unwell.

Goodbye loverbean.

To the world you are only one person, to your rat you are the World
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Aww bless her RIP Bronny xx

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Awww RIP bronwen
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