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Originally Posted by Skratikans
i agree with Padfoot and Pinkie about the inbreeding part...its not all bad nor good...a common example is when recessive genes that are "hidden" while the dominant ones are being expressed hetero mice..and when the two are interbreed...the two recessive genes may come together and the recessive genes are finally expressed and this could be good or bad...

but i must say a mating pair with 13 babies and now another set of babies on the way...could be one and it could be in the high twenties! thats a lot of mice..are you prepared to hold that many in a comfortable non crowded space?

you should really take those infected mice to a vet
I have 13 mice right now, from two different litters, and I have two litters on the way, and yes, I have plenty of space. Dont worry, I wont be inbreeding anymore. I glad every one put their input in. My only other option for breeding is to get some mice at pet co, and they only have feeders. Which I heard are inbred too. The first litter I got was from two mice that were not related, the second litter was ten mice from a brother and sister mating. I have five left from the original litter of 14, and 8 from the second, I also had a male and two females from the second litter in their own cage, I wish that I had posted before I did this because I think that they are already pregnant. Also, there seems to be no info on the web about the negitive side afects of inbreeding, if I had seen some I definatly would not of started.
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good luck with your litters..i would love to see the lil guys and how many.

..feeders are interbred...and i have read articles on the syrian hamster that says that a handful of them were first caught and from there the breeding lines for our current hamsters started....of course its an article and it could possibly be true or it may not..but i have read many other similar ones...

there are a lot of side-effects from too much interbreeding but in experiments with piggies they have shown that in a certain piggle color pattern the stripe on its back was a selected trait that breeders wanted to select for and so they interbreed piggies and saw that they inherited a better stripe pattern on its back....but the length inc up to a certain pt...eventually when they took piggies that came from the general population and stop interbreeding, the next generation had even longer stripe patterns then the previous inbred ones..i think the pt of this experiment was to show that perhaps there wont necessarily be a problem in the first generation of inbreeding...but if continued the flaws will really start to show and the recessive genes will then really start to show

I believe that the length of interbreeding plays an important role and thats where we see most of the obvious problems and side effects of interbreeding

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