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cages for rats

saw a cage today that had 3 levels and the platforms were wire is that alright or do they need a solid one. I was going to buy but the girl I was to buy was sold out from under me. She was so sweet I'm so disappointed right now. My husband said I can only have 1 and I know people say you need to have 2.Is that bad? I think the cage was a ferret cage. Now I'm having a hard time finding a rat that is not bred for feeders. All of our pet stores have only those ,that's why I'm upset with the one I lost , she was not bred like that. If I ever find one will the hamster I have be alright with the rat in the same room? Do they sense each other? ? on food some say the pellet food (they look big) and other say to combine with a mixture you can get in bag. The reason I want a girl the musky smell the boys have made my I burn where as the girl did not. I've heard the boys are more laid back. Everyone in my family thinks I need mental help because I want a rat.

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Red face

I dont know much about rats, but I would think that having more than one would be beneficial as they like company.. Steph (Veggiegirl) has quite a few rats, and maybe you could send her a PM and ask her some questions? I also know that she has got a few feeder rats which she got/ rescued from pet shops.. The biggest cage you can afford/ keep is the best.. I have 5 degus which are similar in size to rats and they used to have a large ferret cage, now they have a bigger one.. If you want to see pics I can give you a link to the threads? Hope this has helped a bit?
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Okay lemme see if I can answer your questions.

Wire floors are fine. Some people put fabric/tile over a part of it in case the rats get uncomfortable, but it really is okay if they are wire. It was believed that bumblefoot was caused from wire floors...but now more evidence is pointing to unsanitary conditions, making it more likely to happen with solid floors (urine puddling up on them...).

Yup, 2 is absolutely necessary unless the rat does not tolerate other rats. They become depressed, can develop behavorial problems, etc. without a friend. Besides, you can't be there 24/7 to wrestle, groom, and snuggle with them! Especially because they are most active at night when we sleep.

There's nothing wrong with feeders...they are usually more skittish and probably not the healthiest, but that's the risk you run with any pet from a pet store, not just those bred for feeders. They can become absolute sweeties, though. They'll be fine in the same room with the hamster, just don't let them play together. <--Suebee's mix, always recommended to feed them. Very good for them, much much better than commercial mixes, and rats LOVE it. It only costs about $10 to buy everything, and it lasts a couple months, depending on how many rats you have and how much they eat.

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I've never used a wire bottom for a rat, but I don't think it would be a problem. Just make sure that there is a small place for it to go to get off the wire to sleep or whatever. I personally have this cage:

Rats are very social animals and do better in pairs, but I've had several male rats that were kept alone and have done fine, they just need to be given more human attention.

Personally, I prefer males to females, because males tend to be calmer and more affectionate, which will be a benefit if you only have one rat, because it will need more attention from you.

I've had a lot of people think I was nuts for pet rats, too. One of my boyfriend's cousins told him that I wasn't welcome in his home because I played with rats and he was afraid I'd give his son typhoid. After awhile, you learn to ignore it. Just remember that when people tell you that you are nuts, it's only because they are uneducated and don't know what rats are really like. I actually spent an entire semester writing papers about rats (I took an English course about how to write good research essays and was told I could pick any topic). I was actually able to make half of my class realize that rats aren't as bad as most people think. And that was just in a 5 minute summary of my research. You know that you're not nuts and that rats can be good pets. If others don't want to believe it, then that's their problem and they are missing out on a wonderful animal.
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Just thought I'd offer this: My roomate has a single male rat and he deos fine. He's out several hours a day and is very affectionate.
As for being in the same room with a hamster, I think it should be fine. My roomate's rat was only 5 feet from my gerbils and they were all fine with it. Sometimes they even interact when we have them out at the same time though we have to watch because sometimes the rat doesn't like the way the gerbils play (they're more...rambuntious than he is)
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