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Unhappy do my ratties have any hope? :'(

about four months ago i bought three rats from petsmart(last time i will ever buy a pet from there again) and they have all been sick since.

i took them to the vet right away and she put all three of them on sulfratrim for only a week. i had read a lot about treating rats with myco and i knew it wouldn't work. a week later i returned asking her to put them on baytril and doxycycline for three weeks. she only gave me baytril for two weeks. sooo two weeks later i was back again! for more baytril because she still thought that doxycycline wasn't necessary. after that ran out and my rats were still sneezing, wheezing, and 'bleeding' from their nosies. this time i was really persistent and i almost demanded that they were prescribed bayril AND doxycycline. but once again i was ignored and she put them on a mild antibiotic called Tetracycline. this medicine was horrible and it just made my ratties a whole lot worse. i panicked after a week of this stuff and went to go get a bottle of baytril.

Now it's been two weeks and they are still on that baytril. my vet refuses to give me doxycycline and even if she did i don't know if it would work anymore(they might be immune now! :O). i've spent over 200 dollars in medicine and the Tetracycline alone was $55. there isn't another vet in the area that treats rats either.

i really love my rats but i don't know what to do! i have come to the conclusion that they are now immune to baytril and my savior combo of that and doxycycline might not work anymore! has anyone ever had any of these problems with their rats before???
i mean i thought rats were supposed to be a GREAT experience but this whole situation is really stressing me out. i hate that they are in pain and i don't know what to do from here.
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Find a new vet! Baytril/Doxy is generally an effective combination for rat URI's and it's usually the first thing a good rat vet will prescribe. If at all possible I would recommend that you find a different vet.

You put quotes around 'bleeding' so in case you don't know, rats produce a red discharge called porphyrin that comes out of their noses/eyes, especially when they are sick or stressed.

Welcome to the world of sick rat ownership! My first pair was from a pet store and they were sick constantly. In the future, try adopting from a reputable rescue. Rats may be cheap to buy, but they are often not cheap to care for! I'm glad that you are working to get them the help that they need.


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I can't believe it was 55.00 for tetracycline. I just use terramycin (med is oxytetracycline) which is a water soluble livestock antibiotic, which is 5.00 or so at a livestock store. I have experience doing home medicating with my livestock, however.

If you must continue going to that vet, go back with printed info on the meds and the usefulness of the combination. Tell her that they apparently don't know how to treat rodents, and that you will not pay for useless services rendered. I've had to tell vets off before... Just because they're vets doesn't mean they know what they're talking about automatically. It's up to us owners to know common diseases and their treatments. I won't even start about my horrible ex-livestock vet... lol.

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Aww i am so sorry you are going through this i have a vet just like it that only ever gives baytril alone for just about everything and i am sure my ratties are immune to it too!!! I will tell you what i use aswell that seems to help and you can buy it in supermarkets and health shops and it isnt expensive.........garlic capsules and echinacea capsules......i give 1 capsule of each per day per rattie and it works well only when they have the infections though..........hth xx

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Sigh... vets with ooold manuals on rodents. :/
Sulfatrim (Setpra/Bactrim) is useless for myco, but works on secondary infections, and is very good for tissue infections, etc...great for abscesses, wounds, and after surgery, but not for respiratory issues which usually relate to mycoplasmosis.

Baytril for a week...yep you know that's useless, 2 weeks is okay but they may have been underdosed. Then taking a giant LEAP (not a step) backwards and putting them on the extremely mild tetracycline? Just don't tell me that she told you to put it in their water??!!

Lets start with your baytril may be too low to begin with. Baytril is normally dosed at 10 mg/kg

Can you tell me an approx. weight of your rat and the concentration of the baytril your vet gives you? (mg/ml on the bottle). Then tell me what the vet was telling you to give.

If your rats were underdosed then the baytril just wouldn't work.

I am also PM'g you.

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