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Question Do your....

little ones use wheels? Any of your rats/mice/rodent use wheels? And if so which kind the complete plastic or wire ones etc? My husband is dead set on our girls using wheels. (he thinks our girls get bored) Any help in this area?
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my mice love wheels! my rats wont touch them! i used wire with my mice, but i heard that that is not the best idea cuz they can get there little paws caught. if your girls seem bored try giving them some fun toys and hammocks. are your girls rats? or mice? you can make your own and mouse toys. and on the right there are sections you can click on... and it says "make your own" it tells you how to make your own toys, hideboxes, hammocks etc.
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They are rats. Thanks for the site we will try it out.
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I have a wire mesh wheel for one rat cage, wodent wheel in the other (but they just peed on the wodent wheel... I've since given it to the sugar gliders, who use it constantly). Wire Mesh and plastic comfort wheels in the spiny mice and hamster cages. Some of my rats will use their wheel, while others won't. It all depends on the rat.. one of em has wheel tail, though!
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One of my ratties uses the wheel. It's a wire mesh one. She runs in it constantly. The other two could care less.
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I have always stuck to plastic just cuz of the fact that feet/tails can possibly get stuck between bars in the wire. But its really just a personal preference thing, as the plastic ones are a pain to clean!

I have mice tho, so maybe rats aren't as likely to suffer injuries on a wire due to their bigger size!
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I've had a total of 8 rats in my lifetime, and I could never get any of them to use a wheel. Some of them liked cat toys, though (the little fuzzy mice). Not sure if they liked the catnip or were just being curious. But they loved chewing off the tails and pulling off the ears.
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I have one rat currently that runs in the wheel. I have a wodent wheel and have had it for many years now. It's a little chewed around the edges, but it still works.
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I have never tried a wheel with Lily, but she sure loves her ball. (once she got used to it) I think the ball is a good option with rats so they can get their exercise and be curious without dissappearing or deciding to chew on un-chewable things. (e.i. cords, pants, pillows, etc.)
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