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Exclamation female bully, appreciate some advice :)

Hi guys and girls,

I need a bit of advice on my mouse situation at the moment. i have keep mice before, kept them on and off for 4-5 years!

I bought two 3/4 month old mice (female) from the same litter about a month ago. the first 3 days they where both fine, normal behaviour for mice.

BUT then for some reason the brown mouse started to hump the white one.. so I sexed them straight away both females (few haha) and to double check I took them to the vet! confirmed both females. so I figured the brown mouse was just being dominate over the white one which is perfectly normal in the animal world right!

but then the brown mouse started to do it more often and chase the white one around. the white one use to squeak a lot and didn't seem to be enjoying this! and hid for most of the time every time the white one comes out she gets chased back in! or harassed.

one night while I was asleep I woke up to loads of squeaking and loud noises. looked in the tank and the were fighting full on tumbling around so I broke them up for the night and put them in different tanks. put them back in with each other in the morning and its was like they were best mates cleaning each other etc lol

its so odd they sleep together fine its just when the brown one goes off on a crazy spurt running round the cage jumping n the wheel then running round again then bulling the white one.

I wouldn't mind it its now and again but its every day squeaks are coming from the cage where the brown is bulling the white one for the last month I have had them. I have never had this happen with any of the mice I have kept.

so far I have tried this -

cleaning cage twice a week - didn't work

cleaning cage only once a week (too keep all there smells)

making there cage bigger so they can each have there own space - didn't work.

the have two wheels, two food bowls, two water bowls a very big cage.

I really don't want to split them up.. does any one have this problem? or seen it before? should I just let them get on with it?

They have never injured each other so that's good any help would be great

thanks all


heres there cage in stages of me adding to it lol!

Stage one -

Stage two -

And stage three -
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The setup with the two cages is great. They like LOTS of room, and space to get away from each other The only other thing I'd noticed with my girls, over time, was that all it was, was dominance. No one ever got hurt. I learned to stop worrying lol but it took me a while.

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Thanks for your help!
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as long as there is no blood then they should be ok. Its just dominance, and hopefully soon they get it figured out. I had a itty bitty rat that used to pick on everybody else and pull their hair out, then she got hurt and they all took care of her. If they sleep together and groom each other than they don't actually hate each other.


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