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Fighting Mice

I have never owned two mice at the same time (yes I was a very bad un-informed mother to my pet mouse when I was little..I was only 8 though!!) and I have two females. They are nearly 5 months old and they are always fighting!! They will not share anything and always insist on eating their treat in the exact same spot or whatever the problem is at the current time! They don't ever draw blood or anything but a couple of times every week I hear their little squeaky voices and they are chasing each other around the cage. Is this normal?? Is there any way I can stop it?? I know they aren't hurting each other bad but it sounds awful listening to them!

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I have never really had a problem like that come up with mice (even working in a pet store with all of those breeders) only. It could also be that its a male and a female and they are doing the hoochie coochie thing. I have had mice of my own that were supposed to be two females and two days later I had really pretty babies (boy and a girl) so I separated them into the boy tank and the girl tank and didn't have any problems. They could be just playing So basically I haven't helped you one bit! LOL I'm sure someone else could shed some light on this for you.
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My rats would do that, I'd hear them squeal every once in a while. I didn't really think anything about it cuz I figured they were just playing. They always ate together and slept together so my guess was play cuz they got along otherwise.
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Ok well they do eat together and sleep together so it can't be too serious then!! Dena they are definently two girls!!! None of them have the nice big testicles that the boys get!lol

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i have had two long haired males before in a cage a few years ago (before i know better) and they fought to the death.
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Sometimes it is not so easy to sex mice. Not like rats, hehe. Still I have heard a saying that I kind of feel is blood no foul. My female mice always got males of course are a different story. Hope that it settles down for you. How long have they been cohabitating?
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Smile here I have 5 female mice together in a ten gallon tank. They all get along great. But they have a very distinct pecking order and that is probably what your mice are doing. I have heard that female mice will do just swimmingly when they are kept in odd pairs and mine are pretty good proof of that. You might have some luck keeping the bickering down if you add another mouse. My mice tend to groom each other a little too rough sometimes (it's part of the dominance thing) but that's about it. If you don't want to get another mouse, you can try seperating your two girls for a little while, leaving the submissive mouse in the normal cage (clean of course...old smells don't help matters). They try adding the other girl back in. I always do that when adding a new mouse to my clan and it works really well. It seems to keep chasing and fighting down to a dull roar. Hope this helps
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