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Question Getting my first rat

I love rats and as soon as I get a new job I plan to gift myself with a rat something I have always wanted. So I'd like to ask a few questions. Website or book recomendations? Best housing type? Bedding and food? Solo or roommates? Playtime and treats? ok so that was a really vague post but any advice, stories, links or just a friendly hello would be appreciated.
Thanks! :bfly:
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Hello, fellow rat lover!

I can recommend a few websites that are better than most books and are VERY helpful:

The first one, the website I love the most is RATFANCLUB.ORG
It has tons of useful information and the forum is a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, as of 3-27-03 (time right now 12:10 p.m. central), the forum site is down . They do expect it to come back up soon, though. Keep trying to see if the forum is working; once you get in the forum, you won't be disappointed!

Another one is RATPALACE.COM It's funny, but the Rat Fan Club forum members are on here while the Rat Fan Club forum is down! It is another place where everyone is friendly and informative.

Another place is RMCA.ORG which stands for Rat and Mouse Club of America. It is fun to check out once in a while, but their posts are not very frequent.

Definitely get two rats of the same sex, siblings can be good. Rats are very social and need the companionship of other rats. is a website with cages for rats. They are definitely better than aquariums! :cool: I have a R-690 and a custom F-435 cage for my babies.

Food can be found on the Ratpalace. Just ask Suebee (via PM) and she can give you her homemade recipe. It is very low cost (you can get the ingredients at the grocery store) and easy to make -- healthy too!

I use aspen bedding for my rats, but there are varying opinions as to what bedding is the best -- definitely NO Cedar or Pine. Rats can get respiratory infections very easy on Cedar and Pine. If you or your rat are allergic to it aspen, there are other alternatives! Check the sites!

Playtime can be at least 1/2 hour to an hour (more even better if you can do it!) Some rats I have can be free range but make sure you rat proof the room they are in, or if you aren't sure you can trust them, you can let them run around the bathroom with you. I have a few I am afraid will get "lost" and I won't be able to find them again!

Whew! hope this helps you and good luck in your ratty endeavors!

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I think I'm starting to fall for these little guys too! I've never had any, but saw some babies in the pet store, just today and they look like they would be such a good pet to have.

But...I have to control myself!

Let us know when you get your new pet!
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I think Waggie about covered it all (and then some...I'm gonna have to check out that recipe!). Wire cages are definetly better than aquariums and the bigger the better, they like to climb. Definetly get more than one rat (same sex)! They love the company and if you spend enough time with them you can train them to ride around on your shoulder or in your pocket, and even not potty on you! I personally prefer males, they tend to be more laid back and less prone to tumors. Enjoy your new friends!
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I wish you lived near me... I am giving some of my babies away. And you could have your pick of one.

I like the males better. But That is just me. THey seem to be nicer. MY son has a female but he has had her from 4 weeks old so she is a spoiled one. She gets in his shirt and he walk around with her in his shirt.

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Stacy, if you are looking for a rat let me know. Someone up the street bought a female that had 10 babies that she needs to rehome in a couple weeks.
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Hey Erin
thanks for thinking of me but as luck would have it I still haven't found a job yet so no new pets sigh...
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I think it's a few weeks before they will be weaned, there is hope ;-)

I'll look for her email address and send it to you via email so you can contact her if you want to ask any questions.
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I love rats, use to have 5 male rats- most were hooded rats.
They just love eating everything, plus their own rat food. I use to bring home a rat doggy bag for them when I went out to eat. I had 3 in one cage and two in another- they got along really well too. It was a wire cage with a plastic tray bottom. All of my rats got tumors or skin cancer. That is why I don't get rats any more.
I also noticed when they grew up they started marking me with urine if I held them, I really hated that, maybe females wouldn't do that.
Good Luck!
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Yeah, when male rats get older they tend to 'leak' I've read that with chinchillas, some urinary problems can be helped if not fixed by giving them cranberry juice...maybe that would help with the rats too
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Getting rats from respectable ratteries will help decrease the rats' chances of getting tumors. Spaying and neutering also helps decrease the chances of their getting tumors.
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