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Good new and a question?

My little hairless man Jinx is soo much better. He still has some sneezing, but no noisy breathing and he has really grown! He's also gotten a lot more active and is driving me crazy with his little bell ball. I still requested some more antibiotics from the vet because the symptoms aren't completely gone and I want to keep the meds up a bit longer.

He is sooo sweet and social now. He will just cuddle up and he bruxes and eye boggles and gives all sorts of rattie kisses. Last night he was running around on the back of the couch and he would just run back every few minutes to kiss me right on the lips, such a sweety.

His big problem now is he wants out of the cage and wants attention all the time. He looks bored a lot. We got him two friends but they've been quarantined in separate rooms until he could get better. He does still have some symptoms but as of this weekend he will have been on antibiotics for 14 days and he is much better. Do you think it's safe to start introductions? He's just soo bored and lonely and starved for attention I hate that he's still by himself, especially since he feels better now and has the energy and interest for playing. But then I don't want the other two sick. Think it's safe?
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Good question! I would think it would be fine, but that is probably me just being as anxious as you are to give Jinx some company and let him hang out with the other ratties. I know I would hate having one rat all by himself, even though I know quarantine is important. Can you ask your vet? Sounds like Jinx is better! I would love to see him with his rat friends. Keep me posted and SO GLAD Jinx is better, hurray!
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