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GRRRR!!!! So mad!!

Someone knocked the cover off my girlys cage and of course all my mice got out. I caught one, the mama..she never goes really far when she gets out. I guess she's content on staying near her cage so she can check things out.

The cover isn't on there securely but if it's put on right it doesn't move because it's so heavy. My brother made it out of some heavy wood and wire mesh. The only way it would have gotten moved is if someone would knock it out of place, making a gap.

I "found" my other two as in I've seen them but can't catch them. I set a trap (humane of course) with some tuna in it. I figured it was the smelliest thing I could find and it might attract them. I can't leave it out long because it will go bad and I don't want them eating bad meat.

What really makes me mad is my brother has this MALE mouse loose around the house. I've caught him 3 times and he has gotten loose all those times. It has all come from him letting his daughter hold it after me saying, don't do that because the mouse is too wild and probably will never be tame. He has been loose in our house since he was a baby. My brother had an overcrowding of mice (he refused to seperate males from females) and they were eating each other. This one got away and has been a pain in the butt to catch ever since. I told my brother hundreds of times don't let his daughter hold him because like I said the mouse isn't tame and he will get away...well this past weekend he did.

Now I"m so mad because the male is too smart for the traps I guess, and I have 2 females (there were 3) running around the house that I can't catch.

I don't know what to do anymore. My brother is already on my poopy list in how he lives, now I possibly have 3 pregnant female mice.

I'm just ranting I guess.

If anyone has any ideas on how to catch these mice let me know. I've tried everything but I would like some advice...atleast if it just makes me feel better.

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ummmm....why in the world wont your brother separate male and female mice..??how old is he?

anyway, that sucks bc now your house is gonna have one huge mouse invasion problem...but the good news is that you will be able to smell them before you see them so that should help in search and rescue..hopefully your brother wont find them first

to catch them i would try peanut butter and perhaps those housing if they take the bait they are around...droppings will tell you and check for possible mouse friendly places...maybe make one they wont resist providing food and water perhaps they will settle around the area and at nite you can get them

good luck
let me know how it goes

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I don't have any sugestions for you, I just know what your going through with trying to catch mice. I had one of mine get out yesterday and I don't have any traps (humane or otherwise) in the house. My husband and I did eventually catch him by chasing him into some cat carriers we had in the room that I keep my mice. Don't worry I don't let my cats in that room.

Good luck.
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I caught one of the others so now I only have 1 mouse left...she's the sneaky one. She's gotten out before and she's the hardest one to catch.

My brother is older then I am and I've told him how to raise mice. He got 2 for his daughter, well you know it, one was male and one was female, making a load of babies. I tried seperating them but it got so overwhelming, I couldn't do anything anymore.

I won't lie and I'm sure I'll get reemed but I took all of them to the petstore. I had had enough. There were probably 30 mice all at once point and after they starting cannabilizing each other there was about 15 that I took to the store. I thought one was loose but there was 2. The one has been caught for a long time, but the other one keeps slipping through on how he's getting out. I had him secured but my brother let my neice play with him and he ran away again.

I am so tired of this. If my mouse is pregnant I don't know what I'll do. Giving how wild the daddy would be, I don't think the babies would make great pets. I'm sure with a lot o time and patience they would but I don't have that time. I have my animals to take care of I can't take on a litter of mouselets.

I've tried using peanut butter in live traps before and it's never worked. I've used oatmeal before and that helped me catch the one baby so beore I go to work I"ll try that.

My brother just makes me so mad. It kind of makes me think what would have happened if he didn't get those 2 baby mice in the first place. I"m just so ticked off.

He told me the other day he wants to buy his 5 year old a chinchilla!!! I"m going to put a stop to that. I take care of his two "wild" mice now as it is. I buy their food and their bedding. I he gets a chin, one day when he comes home it'll be gone to a good home, and he won't be able to say anything about it.

I'm just so mad right now..

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Exactly how OLD is your brother? To be honest, I'd get rid of his mice too. He doesn't take care of them, and now the male could be getting yours pregnant. I'd suggest that he gets a pet rock. OBVIOUSLY, he's not responsible enough to have any LIVING pets. Letting mice get to the point of cannibalism is animal neglect. It doesn't matter if they're only mice, he could be charged for that. Tell him to smarten the FUDGE (I dunno if you can swear on these boards) up! He's older than YOU, and yet, YOU're taking care of his pets? If he's not willing to put up the time and TAKE CARE OF THEM, then he shouldn't HAVE them. Animal cruelty does NOT sit well with me. Chinchillas are NOT good pets for kids. They also take quite a bit of work. A 5 year old having one as a pet is just...stupid. If I was to suggest ANY pet, it'd be a cat. You feed it and change the litterbox. It seems the safest idea to suggest to him. As for your loose mice, I'd suggest to keep doing what you are. Someone else mentioend peanut butter. My mice LOVE peanut butter. I'd try to declutter the floor...take ANYTHING you can off of it. Also, make sure that they can drink water. The problem with a bin is that ou can't just leave it open for them to crawl back into (I've had one of my escaped mice do that) At one point, all 6 of my mice had escaped and I caught them all by hand within 2 days, but that was out of pure luck. Also, where are you keeping your mice? I'd put them someowhere where your brother HOPEFULLy won't touch them or knock over the lid. I'd also find a better way fo securing the top, so this doesn't happen again. Seriously, give your brother a good smack upside the head. If you do catch his mice/mouse again, give them away. Just say thaey got loose again. Also, I COULD be wrong, but if he has gotten your mice pregnant, his being wild shouldn't affect the babies temperment, though it could seriously affect their health. He isn't afterall a wild breed of mouse, is he? As for giving the mice to a petstore, I don't see ANY harm in that. You couldn't take care of the mice, and you did the best you could. If your females are pregnant though, I'd suggest trying to find homes for them. You are NOT ranting, you have EVERY reason to be mad at him. I have to say, you seem to be pretty responsible, if you're taking care of his pets as well as yours. i'm only wondering if his petcare reflects on his parenting. He can't even be responsible enough to take care of MICE and yet he has a daughter? I think I should stop this post, 'cause I'm getting really mean.
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YIKES!I cannot believe your brother,being OLDER then you would let the mice become out of control and start eating eachother.He should not have ANY pets,including a cat!

Hopefully you can catch the last loose mouse and I hope they are not pregnant.Is the father mouse an actual WILD mouse?Or just a fancy mouse that has been "wild" for awhile? Because if he is a domestic mouse and has gotten your mice pregnant,the babies shouldn't be affected too much.

Good luck and hope things turn out well!

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Yeah, um I kind of agree with Christa. If your brother can not handle the responsibility of keeping mice then there is no need to have any. That is a baddd case of animal neglect and cruelty, that is just pure wrong! He needs to get his daughter a giga pet or some electronic one where it can not actually get hurt and there is not much care needed. If I were you I would give his mice good homes where they will be taken care of properly and not eat eachother. Which, that is just my opinion based on the things that I have read, which I may be wrong,k but it sounds like your brother needs to learn to be responsible before he gets ANY pets, including a cat.

Eek! I hope you find your lil' ones! Gr, I know that it is scary and frustrating whenever they get out. I lost my little hammy one time but I caught him and he just recently got out again. I actually found him sleeping in the dog toys. Thank god the dogs were at the vet with my brother or else he would have been gone! :O
Good luck on finding your mice!

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Yeah, I thought about it afterwads, and I want to revoke the cat idea...NO idea why I'd suggset any pet. But hang in there, it seems as though you, unlike you brother, have a good idea of what you're doing. If the humane traps don't work, I'd suggest staknig otu and trying to spot the mouse. Then using a towel or something similar, scooping up the mouse. I'd suggest the bowl trick that someone on the hamster/gerbil board told me, but it'd be of no use. Mice can jump a lot higher than hamsters....please update if you DO find all the mice and whether the females are pregnant. Hopefully all will turn otu for the best and your brother will smarten up...
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I can't find the one mouse. She has gotten out before and then was the last one that I could catch.

I found 2 of the girls. The one didn't go far like I said, and the other one after I kind of cornered jumped into my hand.

I got a locking tank topper for the aquarium. I had been meaning to get one but some things happened and I didn't have the extra $15 for something like that because I had a "decent" lid as long as it wasn't knocked around.

My boyfriend and I were discussing my brother's habits as far as him taking care of things and himself. When he told me that he was getting a chinchilla I almost started screaming at him, but I kept quiet and left the room. I know chins are social and that they do need a HUGE amount of care. I have rats and mice and I love chins but I decided against owning one at the moment simply because I don't have the funds or time to own one. I had 2 before that I loved (my boyfriend sold me one night when I was at work) but I couldn't see myself owning any in the near future.

About my brother and his daughter, that's a completely different post, but let me just say that he only has her 2 weekends out of the month, and sometimes I wish it was less then that. I'm tempted to ask her mom when I move out if she can just bring her to my place for the visitations and my brother can visit her there.

Sometimes I wonder what he's thinking when it comes to certain things. He has a terrible lack of judgement and of course sometimes it makes me so mad. When he said he was getting her a chinchilla my heart dropped because I thought about those poor little mice all cramped in that tank hurting each other. I was just kind of thinking, 'Don't you remember what happened to the mice? And they were just MICE!! Not really hard to take care of at all!!' (compared to a chin of course).

Seriously if he gets a chin, (and if he wants one bad enough I'm sure he will) I'm either taking it myself, or I'm finding a new home for it when he's at work. He's not having anymore pets. I spend my time and my money on his 2 mice, I'm don't have the patience for a chin right now.

Gaahhhh this makes me so mad right now, I have a ton of stuff to say but if I do it will just make me even more upset.

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good for you for making a mature decision though. As frustrating as it may be, I'm glad you're doing the right thing.
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