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hey she had babies

ended up we have two girls. the youngest mouse just gave birth to babies. about 6 as far as I can see.she was obviously pregnant when we got her two weeks ago. am glad we have two girls but no idea what to do with the babies when they get bigger. no idea how to look after them really but will check out the threads about pregnant mice.
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Feel free to ask me questions at any point. I think the most important thing to remember right off is that the males and females should be seperated at about 5 weeks at the latest, or else you will have even MORE babies! hehe
And also, they need to be with their mom for a while to get milk from her. Mice will start eating/drinking on their own when they are ready...you do not need to initiate any weaning process.
Also, try and feed the mommy some bread soaked in milk or puppy treats! it will help her get all the nutrients she needs to produce milk for the pups and to stay healthy as a tired mom!

I hope this has helped! Congrats, though! You will be able to handle it!
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Red face

Congratulations on your unexpected litter.. And good luck!
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my daughters are excited and can't wait till the babies are big enough to hold and stuff. our other mouse Sweetheart(older one) is acting like a nanny for Sally (the one who had babies) and looks after them while Sally has a rest or whatever. its cute!!!!! I decided yesterday to put them back in same cage and am glad I did now as Sally had the babies a couple of hours later. so now she has someone to help her. and cage got cleaned yesterday too which is good.
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Congratulations on the unexpected litter. The cage got cleaned! that's lucky! The couple of times I've had surprise litters, they have been when they cage is dirty... lol.

When they are old enough, if you have a big enough cage, you can keep all the females together, now the males need to be separated not only from the females, but from each other, as they'll most likely start fighting when adults. Good luck with them. 8) (and post pictures!!!)
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when I can get hold of a camera and scanner I'll take photos of them all.
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well they ar e4 days old now and there are four of them. I had to swap their cage this morning as the mommy mouse kept jamming sawdust up the spout of her drinking bottle and flooding the cage. so now they are all in a dry cage. they are growing well and the other female mouse stays with them too. dunno what happened to the other couple of babies. they were definately gone this morning and I searched the sawdust in cage b4 emptying it - wern't there. maybe they were sick or something and she ate them?
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males together

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