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How and When to move Emily in with Dori??

I adopted a rat a while back. She is a little over a year and since she has left the pet shop(2-3 months old) She has lived all alone.(I adopted her at 9 months).

So I recently bought a baby girl. Her name is Emily and I'd say she is about 6 weeks old. She has been in quarintine in my sisters room for the past week and have another week to go.

I cannoy hold her because she is not at all tame and has gotten away from me. So I am trying to gain her trust with bits of food.

But Next week I would like to start intosducing her to Dori. I want them to live together. Dori has a large 3 story wire cage. Emily is temporarily in an aquarium.

How should I go about introducing them to eachother?? One person, who has a lot of experiance with rats, suggested just plopping Emily in Doris cage and let them work things out. Others dont think this is a good idea.

Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!!
Bethany ,Dori, and Emily,
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If you clean one of the cages really really good, and then place m into together, they might get along. But take out everythingm, scrub it, scrub all the toys, everything, so nothing belongs to one or the other. There is also a split cage method....
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I would say let them sniff each other first, while holding one or both of them, if that goes well, put them somewhere together and see how they react to each other. If that goes well, you can probably just put them together (after cleaning everything like Capn said, so that everything is neutral). Rats usually get along pretty well, so it should be pretty easy. When you're introducing them and when/if they go together, keep a very close eye on them for a couple days. Good luck, I hope they get along!
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Bathtub. Bathtubs are great for introductions. Nice, neutral territory. Plop them both in the bathtub, and watch carefully for signs of aggression. If they seem to get on well in the tub, clean out the cage you're going to put them in, and rearrange the furniture so it seems like a whole new cage. Make sure you WATCH them for the next several hours to make sure they're not hurting each other. A bit of wrestling is normal but if there is puffing and growling, seperate them and try again. Put the two cages near each other so they get used to the smell and sight of the other, but can't reach each other. After a week or so, try the tub again.

Luck to you!

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