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I couldn't control myself....

And I bought another baby mouse...hehe

My story:

I came home yesterday to find that my cute little gerbil family had chewed their bottle... AGAIN! My 8 gerbils have chewed to pieces so many water bottles that I always buy extras and still keep running out of bottles.. well yesterday was that time when I have no extra bottles cause I had to separate some baby hamsters and used there the last one and couldn't go to the pet store to buy more... well.. being elections day everything was closed so I couldn't buy the bottle... I improvised a water bottle using a coke bottle and cleaned their tank (bedding soaking wet, cause as always, the bottle was full when they chewed it). During the night they managed to make the coke bottle leak all its content and I woke up to soaking wet bedding... how happy.. now I had ran out of bottles AND bedding... well.. I went to my morning classes and thank God my prof. decided to cancel the lab. in the evening, so at 11:30 I was walking to the pet store. I picked up the bottle... only one cause they were way more expensive there than where I buy them from... and the only beddings they had were cedar (yuck!!!), corncob, and compost. I since there was no aspen, I decided to make a comfy breeding-safe bedding mix, so I picked a pack of corncob and a pack of alfalfa hay. I went to the register and when I was about to pay, I say.. oh, let me just look at the animals.. so I lest my articles there and went to the back to see the animals.. and of course there they were! a 10g tank full of little spotted mice. Before I could stop myself I was asking the lady to let me pick some up. I took a few and came across a little light brown spotted female. I took her with me. Sorry.. no pictures cause my puter is being a B**** and doesn't wants to accept the camera card.. I'll try at the puters at school tomorrow...

Now the rest of my story.. just cause I like to type too much...

I came to my apartment, left the stuff (transferring little Muenster to a plastic carrier first, cause I wasn't going to leave her along in that cardboard box..) and went out again. I went to the 99 cent store and bought a paper towel roll and a pack of 4 toilet paper rolls, a bag of potato chips for me and a squeaky toy for Odie cause he gets jealous if I don't bring him stuff... paid $4 for everything and went back. I changed Muenster to the biggest carrier I have and I introduced her to the rest. First I dropped Ricotta there. To my surprise Ricotta started grooming Muenster (who was shaking.. poor girl). Then I dropped Brie with them and She ignored Muenster and started sniffing around. And last I dropped Cheddar there and she smelled Muenster, sat on her for a bit and then left her alone. I cleaned their cage, changed the toys and put them there.. now they are all piled up sleeping in a box.. hehe

Then I went to clean the gerbils. put the family in one of the carrier, and took out all the bedding. Then I lined the bottom of the tank with paper towels. Then I opened the corncob bag and it exploded and filled my floor with corncob.. how nice!!! Well.. I dropped in the cage what I had left and swept the floor (cause it's not fun to walk bare-footed on corncob, that's why I don't like it alone as bedding for the rodents). After the layer of corncob I put a layer of hay and on top of that a layer of shredder toilet paper. It looked like a weird mexican dip. Now, added food, NEW water bottle and 6 hyper gerbils who started mixing it all.. They have had tons of fun with their new bedding, and I decided to leave the cardboard for tomorrow, cause they have a lot of work with this bedding, you know, making nests with it and getting to the PT onthe bottom and shredding it to pieces.. hehe..

Thanks for reading all my babble... and I'll try to get the pictures of little Muenster tomorrow.

PS. either Brie and Ricotta grew during this week or Muester is younger than them.. cause she looks smaller. hehe 8)
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Congratulations on your new addition! I love your cheese named theme! Can't wait to see pictures!
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Red face

Good luck with your new mouse.. Can't wait to see the pics..
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I know your feeling!

haha, I know exactly how you feel because I think I have an addiction to mice! hehe, I just love them! They are so fun and cute to own. As of last night, I now have 3. oops! She was just too cute to resist!
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alfalfa hay, cardboard box, pet store

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