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I had an escape last night!

It was my fault.. I came home late last night, so I desided to use a plastic mesh to cover the mice cage, and look for the wire mesh in the morning (it was in the backyard). I thought they weren't going to be able to get up to the top of the cage, and it was going to be just one night. Of course, I was wrong... In the morning, when I woke up, I was talking to my niece and I wanted her to hold them, cause she doesn't likes them. And when I look in the cage, I see Cheddar standing on top. When I approached the cage, she got back in through a little hole they had chewed and dropped into the cage. I opened and searched the cage and Ricotta and Muenster were missing. Cheddar and Brie were inside. We immediately start the search. Inside the closet, under shelves, under the bed, under the couch... I was looking inside of one of my drawers that was half open right next to their cage and my niece tells me "If I find them, I'll call you, I won't touch them". I say "Oh, you WILL touch them" so I get Brie out and gave her to my niece. My niece held her for a while and then gave her back to me. I was putting her back in her cage when my niece says "There she is!" when I look, Muenster was standing on the lid of the cage that was next to their cage (yeah, right next to me). My niece catches her and puts her in the cage. Then she tells me "where did she came from?" and I think "the drawer" I go back and take out another piece of clothing from it and there is Ricotta looking at me like "Hey, what's with all the noise? I'm trying to sleep!" I grabbed her, but she freaked and jumped from my hand. She landed between my niece, Odie and me. And after a really small chase (she was trapped between us, so just ran in circles) I got her and put her back with the others. Phew! They scared the H*** out of me! After I had them safe in their cage, I left my niece watching them while I looked for the wire mesh and fixed their cage. I told my mom about it and she only told me "Don't tell your sister about it!" LOL... well.. just thought I share my scary story with you.. hahaha
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yeah once same thing happened with me! one of my mices run to the back of my dresser and i takes 30 mins to get him and put back on his cage!! i almost had an heart attack
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I had a break out! And little Domino ended up traveling all the way down the hall, into my uncle's room, and on the closet hanger bar! My uncle opened the closet at 5AM to get dressed, and a little mouse was staring at him on top of his shirts like, "What?" haha, my uncle freaked! And so did I when he screamed and woke me!!!
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gosh mine havn't had a breakout yet though have come close.
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I've had 3 breakouts in 2 or so years.

First, Cinnamon was in her hamster ball (I don't use them anymore). I thought she'd be safe, so I looked away for 10 minutes, when I looked back there was an open and empty ball! She had smashed it into the radiator. We spent ages looking for her, closed all the doors, big panic XD but we found her behind the dresser.

Then, Hamtaro managed to escape, she was ok afterwards but I can't remeber how she escaped, although I think I might have left the top off of her cage while feeding her. :S

Finally, just the other day, Ren managaed to topple over his Rotastak and escepe, crawling over a ton of wires then going near the door. I came in and nearly stepped on him! O_O
He was ok though.
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I'm glad they are all ok! Haven't had an escaped rattie yet but every single syrian hamster I have ever had has always gotten out! The rabbits always get out. Rusty was out the other night as a matter of fact. He greeted me with chewed up paper towels in his mouth when I opened the door to the room.

I'm glad the mice are back where they belong!
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Steph, that had to have been hilarious to see Rusty with the paper towel! I can imagine him saying "Look what I made for you mom!"
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LOL! With this, I've had a total of 4 escapes (well.. they were more, but I'm counting a consecutive escape as 1... I'll explain...)

1. My first syrian hamster, Chiquitin. I had her in one of those habitrail thingys (or something like that). That was about 9 years ago, and they came with a plastic lid that had a little flap stuck on the inside rim of the opening... get what I'm saying? LOL... well, the thing is that every night Chiquitin chewed that flap out and escaped. Now, the really impressive thing is that she expent the night out and came back to her cage (which was a series of cages conected, and the one she escaped through was on the floor), and closed the door after her (not too well, but just to make me think that I had closed it wrong). My sister insisted that she was escaping but I ignored her cause she's very afraid of rodents and thought she was just being paranoid. One night we stayed up watching and saw her. I put all sort of things to secure the cage, but somehow she managed to get out anyway, and my sister mademe take her ouotside.

2. Chiquitin again, once I put her outside (on the garage), I had her in a 20g tank. After more than a year of being there, she learned to open the screen lid too, and escaped. I never saw her again 8( She was the most intelligent hamster I've ever met, and possible the cause of my obsession with rodents 8)

3. Frank, my last syrian hamster. The screen lid to his 20g tank had a small plastic lid which he learned to open. One morning I went to the bathroom at about 7:00 am, and when I was coming back, I met with him in the way to my room. He just froze there. My sister and me suspect that he thought that if he didn't moved, we didn't see him, cause he used to froze everytime we surprised him. Either way, he was really easy to catch. I sealed that plastic lid afterwards.. LOL

and now, my fourth escape, the mice one. I think that syrians are the most prone to escape, though. None of the other rodents that I've kept have such insistency on getting out as syrians have.
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Originally Posted by Crazy Chin Lady

Steph, that had to have been hilarious to see Rusty with the paper towel! I can imagine him saying "Look what I made for you mom!"
I know!

Padfoot, one of my hamsters got out and made a home in my dad's office closet! He made nests and tunnels by chewing up boxes! He got shut in the closet and was in there for days without food or water. We found him though and he was ok.
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I had a hamster escape once, she was gone for almost a week I was sure she was gone for good. Then one day my mom was taking a shower and Claire (the hamster) just hopped inthere with her! I was so happy, that was quite a few years ago and I have not had a major escape yet. However I have rats now and they never try to escape *knocks on wood*
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i had 2 of mice escape one day and it took me forever to find them i had to rip apart my entire room, but i did find them, then a couple of weeks later i went in and was doing a mice count , i had four at the time and counted them a million times a day, to make sure they were ecapee's, but anyway when i counted there were only three and i freaked out of course it was 10 in the evening and we were leaving the next morning at like 6 to go to cuba on vacation and they were soupposed to be going to a friends, well i tore apart the entire top level of my house and my room everything was looked throught then moved in to another room i finally gave up at like 2 in the morning and then i went to bed and i was so upset that i couldn't find my poor erin, but as i was laying there i heard this little scrating sound all of my other mice were asleep so i followed the sound and inside the cage they have a cool water bowl its kinda like bowl that humps up in the middle anyway erin was under it! i was so glad but mad too because my entire room was a mess but i haven't had any escapes since then!
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syrian hamster, water bowl, wire mesh

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