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Question I have questions!!!

My new male rats seem fond of me but I have 4 questions...

1. how do you get your rat to want to come out of his cage?
2. how do you get them to come onto you from their cage?
3. My rats are very distacted when they come out and wont accept treats. how can I get them to accept treats?
4. where is a good place to train a rat?

Thanks. I need help with this because I want them to want to come out willingly. I plan to train them, so they should be attentive. I am aware that males aren't as trainable as females, and all I want to train them to do is come when called, sit up, (which I have seen them do) and sit on my shoulder. any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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normally rats are curious enough to want to come out of their cage, if not you can pick them up and put them on you and walk around with them. if they aren't willing to come out of their cage then they don't trust you yet so you need to make the area smaller and get them to know you first.

Once they trust you they should climb on you to get out of their cage and on to your shoulder

after a little while of them exploring they should become more willing to be with you and take treats and look for your lovin.

the best place to train a rat would be a small area with little distractions
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thank you for your advice. I think they are starting to like me, because me one rat climbed onto me for like 5 seconds out of the cage on his own.
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Mostly with new rats, it's a waiting game. You're waiting for the curiosity to outweigh the nervousness, it takes longer with some rats than others, but with rats, curiousity always gets the best of them in the end.

Taking treats outside the cage though may or may not ever happen. 4 of my 5 rats takes treats wherever they are and have from day one, Boris my hairless rat however never takes treats outside of the cage. He's just too busy to be concerned with the food when there's all that sniffing, exploring and climbing to do.
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i find my boy won't take treats outside the cage because he's too busy exploring and being curious. i give him a treat when i put him back in, then he runs and hides to indulge. to get them to come out, just sit by the cage with the door open, they'll come out eventually

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