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Exclamation Introducing New Cage Mate

Hi, I have/had 2 fancy mice - Sox and Shews. Last night Shews died. Now Sox is all alone for the first time ever. I am just wondering if anyone knows whether or not I should introduce a new female mouse (sox and shews were both female) so that Sox is not alone? She is about 1.4 years old.

If you have any experience in this please let me know your thoughts.
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After about a month of quarantine then most definitely introduce another female. They are very social and she will likely mourn for a while. During the mourning you should be quarantining. They can get really depressed when a cage mate that they were attached to dies.

Sorry for your loss.

By the way I love the names you gave them. Sox and shews that was awesome. Perhaps the new one can be boots.
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What is quarantining?

Sox is obviously upset and lonely, but we have made it our priority to play with her more. For the first time ever she actually walked onto my hand in the cage rather than making me chase her around first.
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quarantining is keeping your new animal in another room from your current pets. gives time for any underlying illness to show up. this way you know before everyone gets sick.

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Gotcha, Shews wasn't sick though. We took her to the vet cuz she had a big bump on her hip. Doctor said it was either cancer or a hemotoma. The only way to find out was to prick it with a needle. If it bled it was not cancer. It bled. But then it continued to bleed and never stopped.

I've heard that if you introduce a new mouse into the cage that didn't 'grow up' with her then they could fight to the death. Any thoughts??
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I don't really think that's an issue with female mice if they have enough space.
And you should quarantine even if the other mouse wasn't sick. You don't quarantine because the one's you own are sick, you quarantine because the new one may have something that isn't producing symptoms yet. You don't want the new one to make your other one sick.
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Gotcha....i missed the 'new pet' part of the explanation of quarentining.

I didn't think that female mice typically fought, but the girl at petsmart said that they could possibly fight.

Thanks for the info. I will try that, maybe we'll introduce them to eachother in our hands. Get them used to eachother before changing cages.

So approximately how long should i quaretine the new one for? Should i do this even if she is from a legit pet store?
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