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I introduced a new rat to my older rat lvy (as her sister is old and ill in a seprate cage ) I introduced them on our covered bed and all was fine a bit of sniffing etc no back ups or noices and after an half an hour i put them together. Ivy is chasing baby hazel and getting her on her back but also hazel is coming towards Ivy whos a lot bigger and got lazy and fat due to a sick sister (tumours)

But how do you know when the playing and sizing each other up has gone to far?? I have seen them cuddled up but not asleep . Ivy was introduced to older rat and things looked diffrent that time.
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The general rule with rats is "no blood no foul". If blood is not being drawn, chances are the interactions are just dominance establishment. You might see mounting/humping, powergrooming/forced grooming, and chasing among other things. Rats are drama queens so squeaking during this is to be expected pretty much. It's the rattie way of saying uncle or "okay, okay enough!"

Hope that helps ^^
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If there is bloodshed,thats when it has gone too far.

If it doesn't work out,continue doing the intros on neutral ground and maybe keep the cages nearby.Eventually they should warm up to eachother.Older rats tend to accept younger ones pretty fast.

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thankyou so much ladies and gent's you discribed spot on whats going on and theres no blood thank the gods as there getting on ao well i returned my aging rosie for an evening and she seemed to enjoy watching them with a sence of amusments you guys are great!!!
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Unhappy please everyone advice me

What ever I seem to do my rats always get that pink chest infection (never remember the name) thing i change them regulary they have carrot juice in there water shredded paper and good cat littler for the floor and ivy has had another flar up and is coughing always get antibotics sahorlt someone has mastered this condition .
I am told once they have it thats it but shorly preventing the flasir ups stops us losing them early im so fed up with this i might give up rats altogether im upset that im doing something wrong and hurting my baby girls.
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i have successfully introduced 3 pairs into 1 group. i must admit i didnt think i would do it, i got rescued trixie and honey first and then i rescued zoid and lily, i introduced them in the bath as it was neutral territory, first i wiped them all down with unscented baby wipes, at first it all went well they would have a few hours in the bath together then returned to there own cages then i think it was about the 4th day of intro zoid got a bit fed up with trixie and had a go at her scratched her neck but luckily it didnt bleed, it put me off trying them again but i persurvied and i bought them a new cage so it was again neutral territory and after about 2 weeks they were all living in there happily and sorted out the dominance rank. then about a month later i bought the 2 babies and all went well and i put them all in the same cage and the dominant adult took a disliking to one of them and bit her ear, but after a few days it all settled down and were happy, things aint quite so happy at the moment as i had honey pts recently and it seems to have upset things but im hoping it will sort out soon.

im glad everything seems to be going ok with yours fingers crossed it continues.
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Intros can sometimes take a long time. You have to keep at it and a half and hour really isn't long enough to decide whether they will get along or not.

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