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Originally Posted by laydeerodentzz View Post
in my opinion, dumbo male rats are the friendliest, sweetest little cuddly guys ever, they are quite large, but are supposedly the friendlest anyway.
I currently have 3 dumbo males and they are BIG sweethearts!

Frosty is super cuddly and likes to sit in my lap with me.He is super laid back and sweet.

Ninja is the clown of the 3,but super sweet.He loves grooming me,picking at any of my piercings or chains I wear and climb all over me.He's also very kissy.He is also content to sit on my shoulder with me.

Armand is the biggest of the three,but he is really shy.He loves cuddles and being with me.However he is quite shy with strangers.

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I just love my rat. Her name is "Mousie Mousie"! Hee Hee. She is the coolest. I prefer her over any hamster or gerbil because she has a personality and you can talk to her and she will come to the cage and listen to you. When you say, "it's treat time!" She comes out of her little house and sits up waiting to take the treat from you with those cute little hands of hers. Last night, we put her into her great big see through ball that she got for Christmas for the first time. She loved it. So did the cats. She is so used to the cats being at the side of her cage all of the time, she could have cared less that they were following her around. If you can just get past the tail, rats are just a better "friend" pet. And, yes, they can be trained. But, they are just gentle, loving animals. But before you get any animal, be ready for it. It makes it so much more fun when you get it home! Have fun and I hope you are able to get one.
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You should also look for rat rescues in your area. Although some of their rats may be skittish and need work, rescues are generally very up front about these facts, and try to pair owners with the types of rats they want. Our rescues here have tons of well socialized baby rats from accident pet store litters.

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is a little "special"
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You Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys! Im just starting to get over my rat obsession, and if I do get one, im waiting till summer and thats a long wait- dont make my go crazy AGAIN!

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manx isn't healthy, rats sweat and maintain body temp through their tails, so they could get sick very easily. females are more hyper, but i still love my 2 girls, the*boys are hyper as babies but as they age 5-6 months they calm down. i dont really think there's a "friendlier" rat, it all depends on the rat's personality
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I recommend getting them in pairs. They are very social animals and love to be with theyre humans but also need ratty companions!
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