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Meet my mice...ALL my mice

Okay, I finally got pictures of the newest ones, so here they are, meet my mice! The ones with glowing borders around their pictures are the ones who have sadly passed away. (Poor Pillage passed just over a week ago.)

I would give you the story on each individual one, but that would take way too long, so I'll just tell you about the babies =P

A friend of mine had been looking for a gold mouse to go with her black mouse, Elphaba. I went to the pet store one day and found one, but she was very pregnant. I bought her anyway. A few days later she had 9 little babies. After about a week, I noticed the babies weren't as developed as they should be. I got advice from a breeder, and we decided that Glinda didn't have enough milk to feed all her babies, and that I should take half of them from her and either try to hand-raise them or cull them. I couldn't possibly cull them, so I started hand-feeding them. I marked their tails to tell them apart, so their temporary names were Green, Teal, Orange, Purple, and Brown. Long story short, poor Purple and Brown ended up dying despite my efforts. Fortunately, that same pet shop got in a nursing female that was fostering pinkies to be sold as snake food. As soon as the pinkies were sold (I feel so sorry for them...) I was able to buy the mother to foster my babies. BUT there were two identical mice at the store, and the owner wasn't sure which one had been nursing. He let me take them both home, and I was to bring the one back that wasn't nursing once we figured it out. Well, a couple days passed, and I figured out which one was nursing. (Sophie.) She was doing a great job taking care of her foster babies. Her sister, Lettie, couldn't care less about them. So on the night before I was supposed to return her to the pet store, Mom noticed that she looked a little...pudgy. Mom said that it was a good thing we were taking her back the next morning, because she didn't want another litter to deal with. The next morining when I woke up, she had 4 little pink babies with her.

Since she'd already had them, Mom didn't make me take her back to the pet store, where they would have been sold like Sophie's babies. There were only 4, and I said I'd try to find homes for them. So Lettie and her babies were in the clear. Once Lettie had made sure that she and her babies were safe, she decided to leave her nest and show me that "Hey surprise! I have 4 more where those came from!" So now I have Glinda's litter of 7, and Lettie's litter of 8. They're certainly keeping me busy! (Glinda's remaining 3 babies that Sophie and I fostered are doing great now and have since become Shamrock, Clover, and Alastar.)

Anyway, on to the pics!

And since I don't want to leave anyone out, here are my two rats and my newly-acquired gerbils:
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Wow, you have quite the collection there! How many cages do you have? I would love to see a picture of your setup. It must be pretty cool.
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Wow, they are beautiful! I specially love Jude & Lucy. And Glinda's ears are great!
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Right now I have 5 cages for the mice, but I'm going to need to bust some more out of the shed pretty soon to separate Glinda's male and female babies.

I've got a picture of the biggest tank (currently housing 6 females) on me. It's not that great of a set-up though, I've seen some much more elaborate ones. I had to take out one of the wheels and two of the water bottles to put in the other tanks and the pet store hasn't had the right kind so I haven't been able to replace them yet, so it looks a little bare. Right now there's also a big jungle-gym type thing in there too that I didn't have when I took this picture.

....Oh nevermind, I found a picture of the jungle gym:

I'm always rearranging and making new things, so if anyone has any suggestions they're very much welcomed. (Especially ideas that can be made with popsicle sticks )I need to get some fleece for hammocks and ropes to hang from the lid, too...
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WOW! Loads of cute babies! You have some gorgeous mice!
Love your rats too.

* Lisa *

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oh it looks like fun


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OMG how cute!!

Clover looks just like my newest male, Lord Wellington. (He is such a shiny golden color that I just had to give a regal name lol) When I saw him at the Petsmart, I had to have him. the light just reflects like he's made of glass.

Anyway, your cage is awesome I've been building forts out of cardboard, i never thought about popsicle sticks What kind of non-toxic glue/paste do you use to hold it all together?
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Ooh, I love that name! I was going to name a few of mine with "Prince" and "Princess" before their names, but I decided to be less formal. Still, I love regal names like that =D

I use hot glue to hold it together. Check the package, but I think most brands are non-toxic. Surprisingly, they don't really try to eat the glue much anyway. Must not taste good =P
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They are all beautiful! I love the cage, too.
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