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Talking Mice ^_^

Im getting some little girls from the litter that im breeding at college

What can i feed my babies on? coz i cant find any mouse food in pet shops

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Mouse food should be accessible in most pet shops! Is there any rat food? Most of the time the two are one in the same, except for the amount that each animal should eat per day.

I also think Hamster food is an OK alternative. But until the mice are weaned, they should be with their mother at all times to get milk from her. Pregnant mice need extra nutrients (fresh fruits/veggies - as long as it's cooked, in most cases, and puppy bisquits, also bread dipped in milk is a good idea).

Good luck!
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i agree, every pet shop i've been around had food, i don't know about where you live. alse gerbil food would be the same as mouse food i suspect.
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Thanks, im gona have a look in a bigger pet shop and see if i can find some mouse food, otherwise ill give them rat food

Ive chosen my girls ^_^ I saw them in the college breeding room today and fell in love with them!

Mine is a black longhaired mouse with a white patch on her belly. shes gorgeous! Ive called her Fluffy.

My brothers is a shorthaired veriegated sable with a white stripe going right down the middle of her face. Her right ear seems a little wierd but shes adorable with it.

I cant take them home 4 a couple of weeks coz i havent brought their stuff yet im going to buy them a big cage with loads of toys. hopefully they will have a better life than they would i they were at college
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Gerbil food is usually the same as hamster food, and mouse food is usually the same as rat food. Hamsters are gerbils are herbivores, so their food consists mostly on a seed mix. Rats and mice are ovnivores, so they have a slightily different feeding requirements than hamsters/gerbils. That's why it's reccomended to use the lab blocks specified for mice/rats. A seed mix still is a fairly good substitute, but you should be supplemented with a bit of meat or kitty food every now and then.
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