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Cool Might be Getting ANOTHER Rat!

Okay. I have had a few rats before, but none have been males. I have asked my mom for ANOTHER rat, but this time a male. I know a bit about them, and I plan to keep him in a big, black wire cage kinda like a Martins. It has wire flooring that I will replace with a plastic base. The rat will be obtained from my best friends home, who's 2 tame rats just bred and the female, Daisy, had a litter of 12 babies! There are albino, cream, agouti, hooded agouti/creams and even a fawnie hooded color, and that's what I'm planning to get. His name will be, well... Will! I want to go see them on the weekend, any info will be fantastic!
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Yay! you're definately in for a treat by getting a male! they're just the sweetest little guys ever! i'm so excited for you, and my rats are also doing a little cheer! hehe Are you going to be bringing Will home when you visit him this weekend, or are they still too young to leave their mom? you should consider taking two brothers! that would be awesome- double the rattle love!
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Congrats!!! How exciting!! I just love rats, they are such sweet little critters (though I don't have any at the moment)
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Well, I WANT to take two, an agouti hooded or an albino, and this little guy, too. However, my mom is leaning towards the "No! I don't want another rat! Your getting rabbits in a week, isn't that enough?" I have wanted a male forever, but the dumb pet shop people say you can't keep them together, that's why I want to get them from my best friend! They are still quite young, approx 3 weeks old. I'll probably get him at 5 or 6.
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You should try to get two. Once they are older they are a bit hard to introduce to each other, but 2 (or three) young males can live together with little to no problem. You already know that rats are social and your little guy should not be alone. Another piece of advice, from what I've heard from other people that keep both male and female rats, the little ones are great escape artists and tend to end up in the other cage, which is not fun if you don't want a litter. So the advice is to keep males and females in different rooms and cages very very well locked all the time. 8)
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Thanks. My mother is now starting to say yes! Haha, I swear- She cannot make up her mind, hehe! William will definately have a good home with me. Mom says that if I complete the rest of this term without skipping school, I can get 2 male rats and this cage! I will definately do so! The other one will be named Wallace. ^^

I do want an all black one, and an albino or gray one. (Wallace would be the Albino) and like I said, this cage is HUGE! It has a stand and I would use paper pellets as a base with Kiln Dried pine shavings as a topping. Past experiences have shown that my rats and mice love that stuff, and so does my mom. It's so sweet to see them burrowing down in this stuff, makling nests, etc... But even better is this CareFresh bedding I get when I can, but it's 16 dollars for a teeny bag!

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I'm pleased you're getting two - rats need ratty company - it's a must for them. Besides, there's nothing nicer to to see ratties snuggled up in a pile.....

Keep us informed....
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Mom keeps on saying NO! I really want these girlies.... Wish me luck!

It's so hard when an 11 year old tries to ask for 2 male rats from 2 rat hating parents!
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We may be getting them! The West Australian RSPCA is having an 'Adopt A Pet' week and mom says that I can either get 1-2 male rats or 1 female mouse.

Wish me luck!
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