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Mouse with seizures and a tumor, please help!

Hello everyone, I am new here, and i already have an urgent problem. Before I begin, let me give you a little background on my mouse, Leo. Leo is a white-footed mouse. He was found at a very young age, after what looked like a fall off one of my friend's porches. He survived the fall, however we had no clue what had caused him to fall. We had planned onn releasing him into the willd as soon as we were sure he hadn't suffered any horrible injuries, however we soon found out the cause of his first fall. Leo has seizures, and up until today I was not sure what had been causing them. He seems to be in perfect health aside from his seizures, however he would never be able to survive with them in the wild. He is very tame, and has already bomded with me. He enjoys eating on my hands, as well as 'grooming me after he has finished giving himself a good cleaning. Recently, however, his breathing has been strange, and last night he had his worst seizure yet. It lasted for only about 2 minutes (I keep a seizure journal for him, to track how often they are as well as how long/severe) however after the actual seizure his what I call aftershock period lasted for close to two hours. At one point h ealmost stopped breathing. Today I was cleaning off his coat with a tiny bit of water, and i found a strange lump on his back, close to his spine, and above his lungs. I am thinking this has been growing without me seeing, which could be the cause of both his newer breathing abnormalities, as well as his increasingly worse seizures. He is less than one month old, but I am not sure of his exact age. Chances are this lump or tumor is genetic,, however I do plan on taking him to a vet to get it examened. In the mean time, i need serious help to figure out how to keep him safe and living until I can get him to a vet. I have dealt with many mice before, both nursing wild ones back to health or having tame ones as pets, however I have never experianced a mouse this young with seizures or an abnormal growth.
I have been feeding Leo a diet with more seeds than pellets, as well as burying the seeds in his beddinnhg to mimic foraging behaviors. Since I noticed his seizures, I have switched his bedding from paper to a combination of wood and fleece, so he will be better supported should he have one when I am not around. He has a water bottle but no standing water per what would be natural for him, as I am afraid he would drown if he had a seizure when i was not home.

I am taking him to the vet, however I am worried he won't live until i can Ger him there. Any suggestions on keeping him safe, preventing his seizures, helping if he has another respiratory problem, or anything else would be loved. Leo is an amazingly loving, smart, and cute boy, and i would hate to see him pass so close to having a chance. Again thank you so much and any advice is appreciated.
I am hoping he will be able to make it to the bet before it's too late, but
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It sounds like you've got all the basics covered. I don't have any practical advanced advice for him though perhaps someone else will. If you haven't already, join a mouse-centric site where there will be a larger group of mouse specific experts. The best of luck to you and him! Poor little guy.

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