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My mice died

Hi, im new to this board.

My mice died 2 days ago. I think it was because the temperature, right now in Sydney it's about 7'C, I think that's the cause of their death.

In the morning they were both playing with that wheel, but i realised something was wrong with them in the afternoon (when it got really cold), they acted like they were numb, they struggle to even walk and wont eat anything and the next day they were both dead.

I had mice before and they died in the exact same way, it was also winter.

Here's what I have for them:

* A "house" for them to sleep in.

* This bottle I bought from the pet store (don't know what it is called) that release water whenever the tip is touched (water is just normal drinking water we drink)

* A wheel (don't know what that's called either) for them to exercise

* Mice food I got from the pet store.

Please help me here..
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i know mice get cold easy! i am pretty sure it was the weather. did they sneeze or anything, like they were sick before their death. next time put maybe some old socks in there to keep them warm if you wanted to try again. you could put a heating pad on low under their cage. does your house not heat well? are they in the house. if your house is at room temp there shouldnt had been a problem
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i gave them plenty of wood shaving, the guy at the pet shop suggested it.

the only signs they showed was they looked like they were stunned in the head. They just basically stopped moving and look like half asleep. The next day, they were both dead.
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Wood shavings...? It wasn't cedar shavings was it? That could have killed them also, but it could have possibly been the weather...were you keeping them inside or outside? If you are leaving them outside in the cold I would say that it was most definately the weather...they need room temperature, just like humans do!
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7C? Thats like below zero F. Sounds like hypothermia, duh. That is a horrible way to die for any living creature.You may not want to hear this but I don't think you are responsible enough to get more mice if you don't have the common sense to know that weather that cold would freeze them. I wouldn't even leave my dogs out in that weather. I am sorry but this post just makes me mad, and until you get more common sense and responsibility you DO NOT need to own a pet. You stay outside over night in that weather with no warm cloths and see how you fair.
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I just noticed the temperature comment... living in the US, I just had to run over to to find out what that was in Farenheit. Actually, that is 44 degrees Farenheit, which is still FAR too cold for mice!!!! Mice are living mammals just like a dog, cat, or even a human, and they need warmth just like we do! Please don't leave your mice out in cold weather like that. Here is an excellent article on keeping mice:

Please note the last paragraph where it says "Avoid sudden changes in temperature, draughts and dampness which could lead to BRONCHITIS or PNEUMONIA.
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I'm so sad now.

Actually 7'C was the room temperature of my house that day.
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how do i keep them warm? what material should i use for their bedding? the shop keeper told me i should just use wood shaving (i doubt he knows crap).
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heating pad, pet shop, pet store, wood shavings

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