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my mouse has a tumor, now what??

Hi all
I was just wondering if any of you guys could give me any inrmation possible.

I have a mouse (shes a cream, and called tippy) Shes 6 months old and yesterday she was perfectly fine.

Today tho, i saw she had a big lump on her left sholder. I took her straight to the vets who confirmed its a tumor.

He told me it was pretty much unfair to put her through surgery and just to keep an eye on her and when she gets in pain to bring her in. How long will that be??? how will i know??

I was just woindering what happens from here? what can i expect and is there anything i can do for her?

Thanks guys
x x x
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With any tumor, if you feel that surgery would work, do it. If the vet feels that itis inoperatable, watch your mouse for signs that she isnt eating or drinking. If it looks like she isnt moving around as much, or looks sickly, and trust me you'll know, than it is time.

One of my rats that i recently put to sleep, I loved him a lot and he was a hairless rat, so his was really seeable and was on his stomach. Till the day he was put to sleep, he was eating, drinking, struggling to get around, but he was getting thinner and thinner. The day I put him to sleep, the tumor had ripped open, I should have put him to sleep many day before, yet I loved him too much, and he suffered for it.

So do it as soon as you think itstime and dont wait like I did, It really breaks your heart.
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I'm so sorry to hear that about your mousie.

I've decided the same for my rats. When they get tumors during old age it's time to just let them be. The risk of surgery or infection is too high, and trying to save their life might just shorten it. It's a risk I'm not willing to take.

You'll know when it's time. I have a rat with a tumor the size of a tennis ball on her tummy, and a golf ball on her chest. She's almost to the point where she's struggling to walk from the box to the water bottle. It's her time. When normal daily activities are no longer easy for them... then it'll be time. As for "how long"? It all depends how fast the tumor grows. Mayu has lived with these two tumors since about November. I'm honestly surprised she's lived this long, and I'm both happy and sad that she has.

Love her while you can, and give her lots of treats. Make sure she's always got plenty of food and water available. She now has to feed this tumor, so any extra nutrients may prolong her life... even if just a few days.
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