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My new baby rat is sick. Help???

I had adopted a baby lab rat from a friend about 2-3 weeks ago and me and my boyfriend hold her and let her run around everyday. But i thought that she would love to have a companion other than a human. So i went to the pet shop and bought another baby rat about two days ago, but when i brought this rat home she was sneezing and sounded stuffed up in the nose. Im horribly distraught trying to figure out how to cure her. I do not have the money to take her to the vet and im worried that she will get my other rat sick. I have thought about taking her back and exchanging her for another rat but i had fallen in love with her the minute i saw her and it would be senseless to take her back if the other rats have a chance of having the same illness. Does anyone know if there is any way i can get rid of her sickness with a medicine other than one prescribed by the vet? I have red numerous web pages saying that it could be a URI or "Myco". Can any of these be treated? Or will she undoubtably spread it to my other rat? I really do not want to take her back but im looking for other people opinions. If someone can help me id very much appriciate it!
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If its a respiratory infectio or pneumonia or something like that she could well pass it on to your other girl and she will need to be separated from your other girl. Also there isnt really anything you can gve her to clear it up other than what the vet prescribes.....sounds to me like she needs a course of baytril. Do the petshop you got her from not give you a 7 day guarantee? If we buy from a pet shop we get a 7 day guarantee and if they are poorly in the first days and need vet treatment the pet shop will pay for it..........

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No theres no guarentee on the rats. There arnt too many pet shops around here ever since petco moved in but all the rats there are too big for my girl that i got 2-3 weeks ago. I really dont want to take her back because all they will do is exchange her they wont give a refund for them. Is there any way to get baytril other than through a vet?
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I dont mean to sound harsh but..
Always think before you get pets no matter what it is.. they may fall sick and need a vet.. You should always be able to take a pet to the vet, and no baytril will need to be given to you by a vet to know the right dosage and also to make sure she is ok. And to take her back to exchange her i think would be terrible.. they are not toys or clothes.. they are animals, and she will more than likely sit in that petshop suffer and die, or they will get her put down. Petshops do not care if they loose 1,2,3 animals all they care about is the money. Take her to a vet. Or maybe give her to someone who will be able to take her to a vet.

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I agree with claire. Before getting any animal, it's a good idea to have a few hundred saved up for a rainy day, JUST for the animals.

However, all is not lost. I would personally separate them, preferably into different rooms. I would do a mild preventative treatment for the one currently unaffected, and do normal treatment for the one affected.

Make sure the bedding is not distressing them more - switch them to fleece (NOT OTHER CLOTH) or Yesterday's news - anything without dust would work.

Find 1cc syringes - they have accurate small increments. Don't guess with larger syringes.

With a strong infection, I get tetracycline capsules or other antibiotic capsules which can safely be used with ratties.I use the dosages listed here:
I however am experienced with doing my own vet care, and I still highly suggest you take your animal to a qualified vet.

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Believe me i am a very loving pet owner. I always think about my pets and that is why i am trying to find a way to help her, i do not want to take her back. But i really didnt expect her to be sick when i got her, i had gone through them and came back the next day. She seemed perfectly fine that one day thats why i came back to get her. Im not the kind of person to get an animal and completly ignore it i think about how it feels too.
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Pet store animals, especially rats, are frequently sick, which is why most websites recommend that you quarantine them. I would call around and try to find a vet that will take payments. Lab rats often do not have myco, or a good immune response to other respiratory infections because of the types of research they may be involved in.

Both ratties really need to see a vet immediately, as everyone mentioned.

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The rat that i have had for 2-3 weeks is a baby, she was going to be euthenized if someone didnt find her a home. My friend told me about it a couple of days before they were going to be euthenized so i adopted one. My friend goes to a vet tech school, thats where the rats were from and They never tested on the babies. I know my 2-3 week is fine. Its the newest one im worried about. I just havnt had a small animal with this kind of problem before and idk if maybe shes just stressed out or if its a sickness and what i can do about it or if it will go away. She is sneezing every so often and sounds a little gunked up but shes wide awake and eats and drinks a lot.
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you keep on saying that your worried about the new rat, yet you will not take her to a vet. so your saying you are a loving owner who is going to let an animal suffer in pain until it dies.

in my community there are vet clinics that will treat animals for reasonable prices. maybe you can find one in your area. and many of them will accept a co-payment and allow you to pay the whole amount back slowly.
i also recommend pet insurence im in the process of getting it for my recently addopted rats.
but anyway if she simply has a respitory infection it shouldnt be that expencive to treat

just dont try to say your a loving pet owner when you wont spend a hundred bucks that could save its life.
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Myco is not curable, almost all rats have it unless they were carefully bred. Very impossible!

When rats go under stress of any kind they can show signs of URIs (upper respiratory infections). Like sneezing and being clogged up, however if its extreme like constant sneezing, very watery eyes and wheezing you can bet they have a URI. Listen for clicking noses and weird breathing sounds. URIs are dangerous to tango with, especially if the rat is younger/elderly. If a rat with URI goes under more stress it can cause the URI to develop into Pneumonia or something else. You can tell if your rat has Pneumonia normally if it "bleeds" out of its nose or eyes.

BOTTOM LINE: If you let the rat go untreated, it will infect the other one, they will get worse, they will struggle take thier next breathe and eventually they will die.

Depending their condition and if they do have a URIs the vets first call would probably be to put them on Baytril and Doxycycline.
They two drugs work pretty well together.
After that its all up to rats on how they react to it.
If the have no reaction to it then the vet will put them on a combination of drugs and probably up the dosages.

Also, ask a vet if you rats could use some Echinacea Drops.
Its a natural supplement to help boost immune systems.
It will help them during their times of stress. Mind you, this is NOT treatment. This wont sure anything, this will just help them a tad bit.
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You're doing a lot of arguing to try to rationalize not taking your pet(s) to the Vet. If you can't afford it ask for a discount or ask about a payment plan.

You are their owner it is your responsibility to keep them healthy and loved. You should always expect a pet store or rescue animal to be sick. Shelters don't have the funds to keep everyone healthy and pet store don't care. You should have considered that when you bought them.

If you go now and diagnose it early it won't be that expensive. If you wait it won't be cheap. I didn't realize one of my rats was ill until she'd lost almost half her body weight and lost a lot of circulation to her extremities. I felt horrible and I paid the $400 vet bill with my credit card because we didn't have the funds to pay it any other way. The point is that I didn't notice until it was a serious problem and it was expensive but as a 'loving pet owner' like you claim to be I got her the medical attention she needed and I found a way to pay for it.

If you "wait for it to clear up" it will only get worse. A UTI is not like a cold, it won't go away on it's own. It will only make her sicker until she can no longer breath and her heart works so hard to keep her lungs breathing that blood won't get to her feet and tail.

Is that how you want her to live?
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So yeah its been a long time since my rat seemed sick. Turns out that she just does it when shes stressed out because she was in a new place. She wasnt sick at all =).
Thanks for all the people who actually tried to help me and didnt call me a bad pet owner because they feel that they are the best in the world above anyone else =).
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Thats strange! Sometimes when they come home to a new place they sneeze for a little and they are actually fine

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