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My new rat is sneezing and is not socializing with my older rat...

I have had my new rat (Buddy) for just over 4 days and I am very worried about her. She doesnt stop sneezing and sits alone in one part of the cage.

My other rat (Baby) is nearly twice the size of her and Buddy doesnt socialize with the Baby much (both of them are not yet fully grown). They get along and I dont see a problem with them other then when Baby wants my attention, she tends to push Buddy out of the way when I pay attention to Buddy and bullies her sometimes but its never serious as baby likes to clean Buddy, I have had rats in the past and know its normal for older rats to put the younger ones strait when they act up or are just in their way, sorta part of showing who is boss when a newbie comes to town. Do you think Buddy is feeling left out or uncomfortable for some reason? Could it be the bedding? Baby seems to be her normal crazy self and doesnt have a reaction to the bedding if that is the problem...

Im more concerned about the sneezing, when I first got her she was fine and I chose her cos she was very active in the pet store and was play fighting with another rat, but, as soon as I got her home she seemed very different. I have been watching her very carefully and it seems like she is still eating and drinking but her sneezing has gotten worse... and now she doesnt want to run around. She cleans her nose A LOT but does not have any discharge from its eyes or ears...

I know its best to let rats get used to their home before handling them. When I first got Buddy she was very very scared of me. I leave the cage open most of the day and always talk to both but I only stroke Buddy's head so that she will get used to me... this has worked and she is not so scared now but yet she doesnt seem to be active, specially being a female they are more playful then males...

I am worried that this may be something more serious... I hope I have given enough info on the lil one... pls let me know if you need to know more about her to help assess the problem...

Thank you so much for your help..

Kind Regards
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First of all, you need to take her to the vet. Sneezing is the first sign of a respiratory infection, and pet store rats are notoriously prone to them. Make sure to take your other rat, Baby, as well! Since quarantine was not done, it's possible that Baby will also get sick from Buddy.

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Yeah i agree with Jennicat i think you should take them both to the vet asap to ensure they aren't suffering from respiratory infections coz if you leave it and they are they go downhill very fast and then it may be too late I hope she picks up and is back to her old pet shop self in no time! x

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Thank you guys, I took both of them to the Vet today. I was given nose drops and antibiotics to give to the small one, Baby is still ok and is well, but if she shows signs of being sick the vet told me to come in and she will give me another course of medicine for Baby too...

According to the Vet, they should be fine and I should bath them both with warm water so that their nasal passages will clear up...

We found out the reason for why this had happened, it was the bedding that I chose (I have now changed it) and the petstore told me that if she is still sick in 5 days, then I should bring her back and they will take her to thier personal rat vet... I feel very sad and could not stop crying, I just hope that they both live a happy and healthy life...

Thanks so much for feedback..

P.S. Just needed to ask... should I add some antibiotics to thier water just to make sure baby doesnt get sick?

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