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Unhappy My rat with pneumonia

He's not doing so good right now, at least, I don't think so. He doesn't respond very much and the last few times I tried to get him to eat, he wouldn't do it. Do you think he might just be too tired to eat or drink right now? Right now he's sleeping and his breathing looks okay I think, but he's got his eyes open a little bit.

To top it off, after I tried to feed him I left his syringe on the couch and my puppy got a hold of it. Does anyone know how to convert .5 cc into ml because that's the only other syringe we have at this time of the night.

I'm so scared Cricket will die and I don't know what else to do.
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.5cc I believe is the same as ml. So you want .5 ml. If the syringes are the same size, the most common used are 1cc and 3cc syringes. If its a little skinny one then its a 1cc and .5 ml or cc would be half of the syringe. If its a thicker fatter syringe then its a 3 cc and you would only need a little bit in the syringe. I hope my awful visual helps you some. I couldn't think of how else to explain it.
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Yeah, if it's skinny (like skinner than a pencil) It's a 1CC syringe...use HALF. Did you get some bene bac or acidiphilis? Giving either one of those 6 hours before and 6 hours after each dose of the Baytril will help stimulate his appetite. Antibiotics in animals can upset their tummies just as it can in people causing her not to want to eat,,,she needs to eat though.
I posted the info on the bene bac and acidophilis here

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