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My biggest concern now is wire chewing. It is almost impossible to cover them all; there is just too much stuff here. I will have to block off (or try to) some parts of this place when they are out.

I suppose healthy white rats will be OK, if no breeder available.
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i have a girl who is desexed, she was really mean and bitey, then when her two tank mates at the vets were rehomed (no one wanted her she bit too much) we decided to put her in with two males after she'd recovered. well, noone wanted her still, so i took her home and shes now really docile, and gets along with all my other ratties.

im all for desexing myself, its a common practice here, especially for settling the rats down.

we do mouse desexing as well with good results. usually only male mice though. i dont have any desexed mice myself, but was thinking about it for later on when i stop breeding mice so my top boys can live with the girls in the 6 foot tank i have.
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Wish you were near me so I could find a reliable vet. Maybe next time I am passing west through the Nullarbor Plain I will pay you a visit!
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Unhappy Aggresive Females


I have 3 females and 2 males in 3 seperate cages My pair of Females were fine until I rescued the 2 males There Kalidascope or patch work hairless. Ever sence Nidra has gotten very aggressive towrads her cage mate Already have one seriuos ear wound we didnt see it happen and a week later after healing and reintroduceing Nidra and Shayla. Well Shayla was attacked by Nidra. I am going to be raising the Kalidascops and dont want to have to give her up shes about 10 months old be reached at 619 588 0997 or at [email protected]
Should we have here spayed I can
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