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New rat mama

I have had cats, dogs, goats, bottle fed a squirrel, and we have an albino hedgehog. We got a baby rat Saturday and although I did research for a couple of weeks before we got her, I'm lost. I was told that the rat was four weeks old and half dumbo and half regular rat. She was supposed to be hand raised but when I found lice and called the person who sold her, I got an earful. I was lied to. This baby was supposed to be snake food. We have used Ivermectin so that may have that problem solved, eventually. This is my real question. How active should she be? I wanted a calm animal but she sleeps an awful lot. She is eating and drinking and makes more noise than it seems possible to make out of such a tiny thing but she mainly just curls up and sleeps on my neck or in the hands of anyone. Can that be normal?

Thanks to everyone who will take the time to answer.

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that dont sound right. My babies never sleep alot unless they are out for a a lot of almost all day play but I would take her to the vet just to be safe, It sounds like she may be worn out and run down and not have gotten alot of what she needed as a pup and she is week even thought she look healthy.
I would go to the vet as well as look up rat health and check out probelms and symptoms to help you nerow it down to what it might be to help her till she gets to the vet.

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I think you are in the wrong place buddy.
You are the weirdest cat I ever seen.
Now matter how big or small wierd or normal we or animals may be we can learn to love and get along and love is what makes it all worth wild. Becuase Beautie is in the eye of the beholder an no one is ugly or more prettyer then anything eals we are all equal. There are some ugly people and things but that is becuase man kind makes them this way do to thier actions.
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I would go to the vets ASAP

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I was afraid of those answers. She does run in her wheel, eat, drink, pee, poop,dig around, and she begs to get out to be held. I've listened to her breathe and her lungs sound clear. There is no discharge from her eyes or nose and she is not in cedar or pine shavings. I would have responded sooner to your answers but the cable company must be having connection problems. I will call the local vet tomorrow. If she knows how to treat hedgehogs, she will know how to help Bebe.

The woman who mislead/lied to me is going to wish that she had never given me her phone number.
I am mad, upset, and worried all at the same time.

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Poor baby.

Rats do sleep alot I find,but during the night and dawn they are the most active.However they will adjust their schedules to yours and be awake when you are.My rats have been sleeping and as soon as I enter the room,they are awake and wanting my attention.

If she is acting normal and eating and her lungs sound clear I would not worry too much.But vet visits surely help ease minds.Did your vet give you the Ivermectin? With lice,you have to treat the cage and everything too.Throw away any wooden toys or things she may have and clean/disinfect her cage.Also any bedding your using should be frozen.I have dealt with lice in the past and they are pesky little things.

Unfortunatly because she was bred for snake food,the owner obviously didn't care.I am not saying ALL feeder breeders are bad people,but this one sounds like she is.

Also I would get a little same sex friend for your current rat.Rats do better in pairs,no matter how much attention you give her...nothing compares to curling up with another rat buddy.

Good luck.

* Lisa *

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she is probably still nocturnal, and if she's alone and bored, she will sleep a lot. like vanillarat said, get her a friend
when i don't have much time for my rat, she sleeps a lot more out of boredom.
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Aww your poor baby! We'd love to see pictures!
I would have to agree, if she's eating and drinking normally, then I wouldn't worry too much, but a friend would help her out alot I think. If she is young, she may be missing her littermates, and her Mummy. Or she may have actually been put into the enclosure with the snake, and is just slightly traumatized. I've just recently gotten two young rats from a friend who owns a pet store, they are young, probably no more than 12 weeks old, they love to play with me, but would much rather sleep in my hood, or hoodie pocket. Every rat is different, it could also just be "her".

Best of Luck!

"The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath."
~W.C. Fields
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lazy or sick

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