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Smile Possible new mouse owner!


Alright, I have been pondering this for a long time, and have finally decided to really do some good research. I have previously owned rats and gerbils, but never mice. I have always wanted to though. Before I make that commitment though, I need to ask a few questions to see if I would even be able to provide a good mouse home!

I have a 20 gallon, vertical aquarium. It looks similar to this..

If I somehow added things to create multiple levels within the aquarium, would this be suitable for a pair of female mice? How could I create multiple levels?

How can I estimate the age of a mouse that I look at for purchasing?

What is the best kind of smell-absorbing bedding? The tank would be in my room, so I would want it to be as smell free as possible. Of course, I would clean it frequently, but in between cleanings.

How often should you clean a mouse cage?

Is it easy to get mice used to being gently handled?

What are some of the downsides of owning mice?

Approximately how much would it cost to care for two mice each month?

I'm sure I'll come up with a million more questions, but that's all for now!

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yay miceys!! yes that tank is suitable as long as you put many levels in, they like to run and climb a lot! you could get some caging from home depot and line the tank with it so they can climb vertically. you can also make shelves with legs out of a safe wood. like a little table, you just set it in there and the mice do the rest. mice age is tough to judge, go by their size and how easy it is to sex them. if you search this forum i know theres some posts about it. the bedding i like the best is aspen, it's a safe wood. i like wood for the fresh smell plus the critter can chew it if they feel ambitious. i clean once a week, its a safe general rule, but the more mice, the more often. it is fairly easy to get mice used to being handled. just do it everyday and in a week or two they'll be used to ya. downsides to owning mice.....i dunno, if female you need two for company, males are solo. i guess them running on the wheel might make noise? mice are very cheap to keep. the cost of food and bedding each month won't exceed $20 i'd imagine. keep up the questions!

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Thanks so much for answering my questions! I was starting to worry I wouldn't get any answers! I'm glad I did!

Well, so far so good! I think that I might consider getting a pair of females once I'm out of school in 3 weeks! I can't wait!

Don't worry, I'll definitely be back with hundreds of questions!

Thanks again!
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I think that tank would be okay for a pair of females or a single male. Males do tend to stink more then females so if you're worried about smell I would stay away from males.
A good bedding (probably the best I found) is yesterday news. It is a little rough so you can mix it with some aspen or care fresh to make it a little softer. Some mice like to dig and burrow so adding some care fresh would make them happy.
To make levels in a cage just go to the dollar store. There they have like soap holders and stuff like that with those suction cup things. I also like nat's idea with the wiring.
You should clean their cage at least once a week. If you see any noticeable mess (like a big wet spot) just take that out. Also when you clean you'll have to clean EVERYTHING in the cage..mice can be kind of messy and they like to pee on everything.
Some mice get very used to being handled. Actually some get so comfortable that they will jump into your hand. A big thing NOT to do is chase them around the tank trying to grab a hold of them or grabbing a hold of their tail. If you HAVE to grab the tail grab it at the base to hold them still then slip your other hand underneath. DONT be rough. I don't think people realize how easy it is to deglove their tails.

If you have anymore questions let us know!

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female mice, male mice

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