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Possibly a new home?

So pretty sure everyone will attack me but honestly I am very stressed and am going through a rough patch and just need some advice and help.

My pretty little dumbo named Freya has had external neck issues her entire life. when I got her she had a very small scab on her neck which I just assumed was from a litter mate telling her what's what.

Fast forward 6 months and suddenly over night she had this huge blown out wound. I read up and found out it was an abscess. I started cleaning it twice a day and shortly after it began to look a little irritated so I took her into the vet. The vet got the rest of the puss out and cleaned the wound out really well and sent me home with antibiotics.

Antibiotics twice a day along with a good neck cleaning twice a day. It took several months of this for it to heal properly.

During this time I had to take a couple days off work from time to time to take her in because the wound would heal with a pocket of puss in it and my I am not home or in the area of my vet during their hours. I work an hour from my house in an office, not an ideal place to have my rat hang out for the day if I found a vet in this area.

Fast forward 2 months, another blow out. Back to the vet, more antibiotics and a surgery to get to the extra puss.

This time the tissue does not heal properly and she ends up with a large growth of grainy scar tissue. I take her back in and the vet puts her under and removes the scar tissue and we begin with the antibiotics and cleanings again.


2 more months of solitary confinement again to make sure the other rats don't hinder the healing this time. Almost perfectly healed and another bump shows up only this time it is a black one. It soon turns into a benign skin tumor that has a black center with raised edges. I read up about this and find out that these are common and they just fall off one day with no assistance.

So I leave it be and keep an eye on it. it falls off one day as it said it would.

Which brings me to now...

I kept an eye on it again only this time it starts to do the grainy scar tissue thing again, and after all of the vet visits, I have exausted my "emergency" money that I had saved for vet visits.

I do not have any more time I can take off to take her to the vet and right now there is a massive project at work that needs me there for extended hours so I do not have the time to go into the great amount of time it takes to heal her neck properly.

I also can not get any answer from any of the rat rescues in my area.

I was hoping I could get her to a rat rescue where someone will have the time to do all of these things that she needs.

And really at this point, I would have no problem paying for the meds and stuff it's just the exam fees and surgies (which she wouldn't need if I could devote the time she needs to her neck.)

I need some help, I am drowning in my life right now and I hate to see my rat have to run around with this nasty growth of scar tissue on her neck, it can't be fun for her.

Is there anyone out there who can help?

I live in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Weve got some great folks on here, if you can show us a picture of the black mark it would help us!

Its unfortunate too the hairless rats are prone to these things. :C

I really think that as long as shes not in pain and is eating/active she could be fine with minor treatments. Treating abscesses and other things like it at home is fairly easy to do. But we need to know what the black thing looks like.
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The black spot was diagnosed and is gone but was the abrasion point for this second round of scar tissue. At this point I want to know if there is anyone who loves rats enough to take on a special needs rat who is not contagious (I have 2 other rats and neither has had anything even close to this.) and just needs someone who has the time to do the treatments necessary to get her well again.

Currently she has an ulcerated keloid on her neck. For more information on this condition check out wikipedia and look up keloids.
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She really is a very loving and patient rat when it comes to treatments and medicine and she loves to sit and be petted while she grooms herself after her daily cleaning.
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