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Problem with Parents

OK, I'm a newbie here, I'm a newbie with a problem!
I'm almost 15 and desperate for a rat, I've had 4 gerbils (2 sets of 2) and 6 mice (2 sets of 3) and yet mum and dad are putting their foot (or should i say feet?!) down; I cannot have a rat.
I have wanted a rat for so long, and I've proved that I can look after my own pets. Dad says he doesn't want any more pets, but then again he always says that; after every new pet it's "no more pet's after this" when a pet dies it's "we're not getting another" I SHOULD be able to get round him. Mum is a bit more tricky, she can't stand their tails, ever so slightly pathetic but there you go!!!
I haven't started the pleading process yet, i've just been trying to get permission for another small pet, they think I want a gerbil, but this time my heart is set on a rat.
The rat could stay in my room, I've kept pets in there before, and it has a lock on it so our 6mnth old terrior wouldn't get anywhere near them (especially since the cage would be on a chest of drawers) We even have the cage for them as we used to have a chinchilla who happened to catch (and consequently break) her leg in the bars, so it's covered in wire mesh...ideal for a rat!
What I need is just a bit of help, if any of you have been through a similar thing could you please tell me how you won round whoever you were trying to convince, or how you were won round by someone else! I'll be glad of anything!

Thanks alot
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I am not so sure that it will be easy to get them to change their minds. Do you know anyone in your area who has rats? If you do, than perhaps you could talk your parents into letting you BORROW a rat...or two, for a week or two and see how that goes. I got my first rats when I was ten. My mom said NO NO NO....but I waited till dad came home from work and ran out to greet him. I talked to him as he was still outside, and he said...sure. I got him to drive me over to my friends home. She had babies...and we brought two home. After just a short time my mom was won over. I do not know anyone who after spending some time with rats still does not like them...they are just too loveable.

There are tailess rats out there. I am not sure as to where you are, but I breed manx, or tailess rats. I think that there are lots of people out there who do not like the tails...I have heard people say that they just look so snake like...but I do not think they are bad at all. I love all my rats, tailed and tailess alike.

Let us know how it goes.
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Hit them with the facts ... a lot of people have misunderstandings about rats. Make sure your parents know that they are clean, friendly animals.

I like undercoverrats' idea ... it might also be good if you can get them to just agree to look ... the whole, "what's the harm in looking?" deal.

Just remember that ultimately it is their decision. They are your parents ... You may have to wait until you are older and moved out ...
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Great news, mum's mind has been changed!
I'm not sure how, but I was talking to her last night, just telling her what I had found out without even mentioning acctually wanting a rat myself. And she just got up and went online, she talks on a tropical fish forum and she posted a poll asking whether or not I should be allowed the rats. Lucky for me, most of the fish lovers are also rat lovers!
At the moment the results are 14 to me, 4 to mum! And loads of people have posted msgs helping me to persuade mum!!!!
Looks like I may be getting the rats afterall
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That is priceless! You were saved by fish people of all things. Well, congratulations ... when would you get your rats?

You owe the fish people a thank you ... And don't think your mom didn't know what you were up to all along ...
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That's wonderful! LOL, who would have thought, fish people!?

I'm still in the process of trying to convince my parents, though. It's going to be difficult, because my mom has had a rat before and she didn't like them. My dad is going to try and get her to say yes, though.

So when will you be getting them?

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It's my birthday on 8th May so the rats will be a birthday present.

I have just been worried by a piece of info I read on a rattie website; 70% of female pet rats get a tumor at some point in their life, usually around the age of 18mnths.
I used to have mice, and one of them got a tumor. We had it removed but it grew back so we had to have her put down (it was on her shoulder so she couldn't move around her cage very well any more)
We'd already decided that if one of the rats got a tumor then we wouldn't have it removed, that may seem cruel but vets bills are expensive, we already have a blind cat and an epileptic dog!
Anyway, I knew that rats are prone to tumors but I didn't realise it was that common! So now I'm very scared that the chances are 1 of my rats is gonna get a tumor
Do any of you have any advice regarding this?
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Well, there are risks to owning any pets. You are responsible for weighing these risks along with the animal's well being before you get the pet -- so I applaud you for taking that step.

If you feel that you wouldn't be able to provide for the vet bills then perhaps you should just get a male rat. I admittedly don't know much about the facts of rats and tumors ... but if what you are saying is true then maybe this would be your best choice.
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Whatever you decide just make sure you get a pair of rats. They are very social animals and thrive living with their own kind. They really need the love and companionship of another rat. I prefer males because they are more laid back, but I also like the hyperness of my girls. If you are not too fond of testicles the males can also be neutered, which is good too if you want to avoid any agression once they reach adulthood.
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Wow congrats! Tha'ts awesome that you're mum changed her mind. I begged my p's for soo many animals when I lived at home and I only ever had one dog and two rabbits at a time. I had various other animals throughout but my p's stopped wanting a zoo after a while and so when I was 15 my last bunny that I had at home died and I just had my dog until I moved out at 18. I'm hopeless and I'm always wanting more animals....these days I ask my b/f! He isn't an animal person really but he is pretty understaning...I have five animals right now and my dog may be pregnant...if she is I'm already thinking of ways to persuade my b/f to let me keep a puppy...well see!

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