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i have a female that is pregg and due any day and she was with the father but i woke one mornig and he was dead and coverd in bite marks and i think his back leg was eaten i was just wandering if this means she is canibalistic and gonna eat her babbies??
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Not necessarily. He probably died from something else and the female ate him to clean up the cage/get a source of protein (since she's pregnant she should be getting extra protein, which I assume you know but I'm throwing it out there).

It's natural for mice to eat dead cage mates. In the wild, a dead body would attract predators to the nest.


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the onlty reason i think she may have killed him is when i put them together and they mated eithin three days and he mounted her about 20 to 30 times in a 2day period then she started mounting him for a couple of days and then for about a week i noticed that they were always seperated in the cage and and she would seem to attak him when he gets close or tries to sniff her out and she would bite and chae him away i diddnt think it was a problem untill about 6 days ago when i foun him and he also had lots of bloody bite wounds around his head and but area when i found him
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also protine wont be a problem for them cus i give the females my own special blend of fruit and nuts and seed that i feed her along with the reagular pellet diet
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Why did you leave them together? Why were they together in the first place actually? Are you talking about rats here? They should not have been housed together in the first place, unless you got them from a breeder, they have atleast a third generation pedigree, their bloodlines are exceptional and free of megacolon and heart defects, you have written permission from the breeder for their breeding rights, you have thoroughly researched breeding and genetics, and know how to take care of a pregnant/nursing mother, and last but not least you have enough money to cover any emergency vet visits and a check up after they are born (at the very least 500$). With that said, if we are talking rats, rats are not solitary creatures. They cannot live alone or they will be lonely and depressed. If your female is now alone she will need a cagemate, A FEMALE cagemate. Also what "pellets" are you feeding them? What kind of bedding is she on? She will need nesting materials soon. Well anyway good luck!

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im talkin about mice and they were together for breening and i usually leeve the male with the female untill she starts to show then i remove him so i make sure the breeding takes rather than puting him in and takin him out every couple days
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Well most of what she says still applies. You really shouldn't breed unless you have a market, emergency vet money, permission from their breeder, and knowledge of their background. And in general with rodents you should not leave the male and female together especially if you've witnessed her being aggressive and chasing him off. Even if you are intentionally breeding you should wait until the female is in heat and then leave him in for 24 hours. Also any time animals are put together for breeding they should be closely observed to make sure there is no aggression. No offense intended here, but it seems like if you didn't even notice that they were fighting enough to cause injury until the male was dead and half eaten maybe you really don't have the knowledge and experience to be breeding yet. Unfortunately, your poor male probably died for no reason. Either that or he died of disease and should not have been bred due to lack of disease resistance.

Having said all that, the best chance for your female not to eat her babies is to leave her alone as much as possible, give a good diet like mazuri lab blocks + extra protein such as dog or cat food. Put in lots of nesting material like papertowels and fleece (nothing that will fray) and hope for the best. At this point she's probably very stressed out because of having the male in with her for too long and trying to mount her constantly. The best you can hope for is that leaving her alone and giving her what she needs will calm her down before the babies come.
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cage mate, cat food, emergency vet, lab block, lab blocks, nesting material, vet visit, vet visits

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